Cushman & Wakefield Releases How-to Guide for Reopening Workplaces

Cushman & Wakefield (NYSE: CWK) has released its “Recovery Readiness: A How-to Guide for Reopening your Workplace,” a comprehensive guide for real estate tenants and landlords on reopening workplaces as stay-at-home restrictions are lifted.

This follows the creation of the firm’s Recovery Readiness Task Force (RRTF) and the launch of its new social distancing product Six Feet Office.

The guide was developed by Cushman & Wakefield’s workplace experts and researchers with quick and customizable solutions that are cost-effective to implement.

In creating the recovery readiness guide, the firm leveraged insights and best practices from moving 10,000 companies and nearly a million workers back into 74 million square metres of buildings it manages in China through a joint venture with Vanke Service.

The guide outlines “The Safe Six” workplace readiness essentials:

  1. Prepare the Building – implement cleaning plans, pre-return inspections, and HVAC and mechanicals checks.
  2. Prepare the Workforce – create policies for deciding who returns, shift/schedule management and employee communications.
  3. Control Access – enforce protocols for safety and health checks, building reception, shipping/receiving, elevators and visitor policies.
  4. Create a Social Distancing Plan – follow guidelines for decreasing density, schedule management and office traffic patterns.
  5. Reduce Touch Points & Increase Cleaning – implement open doors, clean-desk policy, food plans and regular cleaning of common areas.
  6. Communicate for Confidence – recognize the fear employees may feel in returning, communicate transparently and listen/survey regularly.

Matthew Bouw, Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific at Cushman & Wakefield noted, “The How-To Guide for Reopening Workplaces is a must-read blueprint for both landlords and tenants on how to successfully navigate the difficult task of returning people back to the workplace in a safe and sustainable way. The recommended practices and protocols outlined in this guide have already been implemented within a number of countries across Asia Pacific, with tremendous success.’

“We are also partnering with several specialist firms that have deep subject matter expertise in relevant areas. As an example, we are collaborating with Delos and the Well Living Lab to undertake scientific evidence-based studies to expand on our 6 Feet Office prototype, with further testing in areas such as advanced air filtration and surface hygiene technologies,” he added.

Cushman & Wakefield Indonesia will help the landlords and corporate occupiers it advises in the commercial and retail sectors, transition back to the workplace when the controls on movement begin to ease in the coming months.

David Cheadle, Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield Indonesia said, “The guide is a starting point to engage our clients on how commercial buildings will operate in the ‘new norm’ and on how occupiers will manage their real estate needs into the future, with a focus on the issue of cost given the economic impact this outbreak has had on everyone’s business.”

“What we are looking to do is to help building owners create an advanced planning framework for a return to full operations, ‘tailored’ to their property, and for tenants to develop some clear & readily adoptable occupational protocols & social distancing measures which can be implemented fairly quickly at low cost within their offices, whilst they assess a longer-term workplace strategy.”

Cushman & Wakefield Indonesia’s own office underwent a new fit-out late last year incorporating elements of activity-based working and wellness in the workplace, including collaboration spaces, focus desks and sustainable office practices, to improve productivity and promote employee engagement & wellbeing.

It will be using the protocols set out in the 6 Feet Office prototype to ensure the health and safety of its employees when they return to the office.

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