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Regenerate The Individual So We Can Regenerate Our World 

SANGHA Retreat By Octave Institute, Suzhou, China 

Life is all we have, and all we are. This simple truth has been awakened in all of us, both individually and on a global scale. 2020 is a year which will be remembered in the evolution of mankind. Never has the desire to feel whole, healthy and vibrant risen to the surface of our consciousness so powerfully; never has it become such an instant collective intent. We may each be at a different point on the journey but the preciousness of our planet and our need to protect both it, and ourselves, is set to become a worldwide human endeavor.

China has an important role to play in the formation of the future. Progress, growth and wisdom are always born out of darkest experiences. A portal for change has been created, one which SANGHA Retreat firmly believes should be harnessed for the greater good of mankind. 

Located west of Shanghai in culturally rich Suzhou, SANGHA Retreat, the brainchild of visionary Fred Tsao, is an integrated and immersive wellbeing sanctuary that combines the ancient wisdom of the East with the latest in Western scientific research. The new Immune Boosting Programmes aim to meet the urgent need for emotional processing and regeneration in the aftermath of Covid-19. They combine the power of touch, a cleansing diet, and natural elements such as water, light, heat and sound to rejuvenate and realign mind, body and energetic spirit at their deepest level. 

Designed to provide the tools and the knowledge for lasting, ever-evolving self-healing, the Immune Boosting Programmes evaluate the strength of a participant’s defense systems, both physically and mentally, through highly advanced scientific testing methods which cover everything from posture to metabolic functioning. Stress, sleep, nutrition, thought-patterns, pollution – all play their part when it comes to immunity. A range of prescribed therapeutic treatments, alongside a customised nutrition plan, effectively encourage the release of negative holding patterns and promote a profound inner peace through which the body can achieve and maintain optimum health. 

These expertly curated, results driven Immune Boosting Programmes can be experienced over a 3- or 6- night period and, dependent on length, include the likes of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aromatherapy Massage, Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Lymphatic Drainage, Personal Training, Pilates and more. The collaborative effect of layered, inter-connected treatments allows participants to build a new foundation, one which enables them to be true to themselves, feel their best and embrace a fresh, expansive outlook. 

All programs at SANGHA Retreat include extensive wellness assessments and lifestyle consultations, anti-inflammatory meals, and access to extensive hydrothermal facilities. The ‘Daily Living Habits Calendar’ also offers a choice of up to 9 daily complimentary workshops and activities covering everything from mindful stress reduction, sleep coaching and sound healing to yoga, breathwork and an introduction to Huangdi Neijing, the ancient medical text credited as being the fundamental source for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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