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Delivery Services for Free from Duta Bakery Holiday Inn & Suites Jakarta Gajah Mada

In related with the Pembatasan Social Berskala Besar (PSBB) which is being implemented by the government in Jakarta, Duta Bakery – Holiday Inn & Suites Jakarta Gajah Mada is now providing delivery service for cake and pastry products. Various bestselling items of Duta Bakery are freshly baked everyday based on customer’s order. 

Various bestselling whole cakes from Duta Bakery are now available in delivery services including Chocolate Lovers, Blueberry marmalade, Cheese cake, Tiramisu, Red Velvet, Black Forest, Klapertart and Bolu Ketan Hitam. All cakes are offered in two size diameters of 16 cm and 20 cm. To make sure cakes quality and freshness, all whole cakes are pre-ordered in 2 days and can be ordered without minimum purchase. 16 cm diameter cake is offered at IDR 235.000nett, while for 20 cm diameter cake with 20 is offered at IDR 300.000 nett.

For pastry products, a wide selection of pastry is offered on delivery services including Croissant (plain, chocolate, cheese), Berliner, doughnut (chocolate sprinkles, chocolate rice crispy), Muffin (original, chocolate), Danish (fruits, Cinnamon Roll, chocolate stick, Apple, Berried marmalade). All pastries are offered at IDR 12.000 nett per item with minimum order of 8 pieces per one-time delivery.

Duta Bakery specialties including cakes, breads, pastries, and cookies for any special occasion. Duta Bakery always maintain the taste and high quality products. All products are freshly baked daily using high quality ingredients and flavours. Complimentary delivery fee is applied for area within 5 KMs of the hotel.

For order and more information, please contact: Phone: 021-29776803, WhatsApp Business: 0811 9761 1827, email: [email protected]

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