Ramadhan #DiRumahAja By Chef Vindex Tengker

Le Meridien Jakarta presents Ramadhan #DiRumahAja by Chef Vindex Tengker making pulang kampung tradition possible through culinary. Ramadhan #DiRumahAja offers delivery and takeaway Handcrafted Meals by Chef Vindex Tengker, highlighting 4 unique culinary destinations around Indonesia, to be delivered throughout Jakarta.

Celebrity Chef Vindex will be at the kitchen of Le Meridien Jakarta during Ramadhan 2020, bringing his great passion and expertise in authentic Indonesian cooking. With recipes originating from his Oma (grandmother) and through his amazing culinary journey, Chef Vindex has prepared an enticing Indonesian set meals for iftar.

Covering dishes from the length and breadth of the archipelago, the menu selection includes:

  1. Bali, featuring Sweet Potato Rice, Chicken Betutu, Long Bean Lawar, Sambal Matah, Black Rice Pudding
  2. Jawa, featuring Nasi Kuning, Lamb Rujak, Urap Sayur, Sambal Bajak, Kolak Campur
  3. Sumatra, featuring, Nasi Gurih, Beef Rendang, Sayur Kapau, Sambal Hijau, Ketan Srikaya
  4. Manado, featuring Nasi Jagung, Ikan Woku, Sayur Bunga Papaya, Sambal Dabu–Dabu, Klappertaart

Handcrafted Meals by Chef Vindex Tengker is priced at IDR 125,000 Nett per portion including cut fruit, dates, and drink. Free delivery to guest’s doorstep is offered with a minimum purchase of 4 portions. Le Meridien Jakarta is also offering 10% discount on purchase of 10–19 portions, 20% discount on purchase of 20–29 portions and 30% on purchase of 30 portions and above.

For orders and inquiries, guests may call +621 – 251 3131 or WhatsApp to +62815 1300 3030. This offer is also available at online partners; Traveloka, Fave, Chope, Tokopedia, Go-Food and Grab Food.

About Chef Vindex Tengker

Having grown up in a family of diverse backgrounds, Chef Vindex is always proud to showcase this trait in his culinary exploration of local food. His mother is from Ambon, Maluku, while his father is Manadonese.

Thanks to his gifted and adoring Oma (grandmother), Chef Vindex was accustomed to great Indonesian cooking while growing up. Not only did he get to enjoy her food, but he also had fun getting involved in the process of creating it. This family background helped form Chef Vindex’s culinary talent as well as his love for it.

To this day, Chef Vindex is always improving and exploring his abilities in serving Asian, European, Mediterranean, and North American cuisine, as well as his specialties: Asian fusion and modern Indonesian fare. He does that by piling up on experiences, which starts from studying Hotel Management at Akademi Perhotelan Jakarta.

From there, he then went on to become chefs at highly regarded places in Indonesia like Amandari Hotel, Four Seasons, Dharmawangsa, and Garuda Indonesia.

Chef Vindex has been traveling around the world to promote Indonesian cuisine. He also has the experience of working overseas to spread excellent Indonesian cuisine to people around the world. Two of the cities he worked at were Mallorca, Spain, and Los Angeles, United States.

One of the most memorable moments in his career happened when he got grounded by his Executive Chef for not making a consistently good taste of his Rawon soup every day as well as one of his VIP client, an Austrian couple who did complain about his dishes. This incident really makes Chef Vindex push himself hard to improve and learn to make the best every day he could as if it is the last time he could serve those dishes.

All these great experiences of him will be well presented on guest’s own table. The rich selection of Balinese, Manadonese, Javanese, and Sumatranese flavours in Chef Vindex’s dishes will surely cure any longing for authentic home-cooked meals.

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