Fresh Air and the Call of Calm with Aman

Fresh air is a precious commodity. The benefits of spending time in nature are manifold, from boosting emotional wellbeing and reducing stress, to strengthening the immune system and sharpening the mind. Finding places to re-connect in the outdoors, whether to meditate or to exercise, are even more valuable and Aman’s serene spaces offer just that. Embrace the fresh air and dispel anxiety in breath-taking natural locations from the mountains of Bhutan and Wyoming to the calm waters of Indonesia’s archipelagos.


Amanyara, Turks and Caicos

Caribbean landscapes and ocean air

Open to the elements amid a hundred hectares of nature sits Amanyara, where the freshest of breezes roll in from the ocean, and the sun and birds bounce off onyx reflective ponds. Admire unmistakeably Caribbean scenes framed by Jean-Michel Gathy’s harmonious Asian-inspired architecture, flanked by indigenous flora and fauna, where each private pavilion opens to soothing tropical air. A spell on this turquoise shore is prescription alone, taking in the sea air by boat while learning about coral conservation from the in-house marine biologist or staying on land to explore the tropical forest and its abundance of migratory birds.  

Amanera Beach

Amanera, Dominican Republic

Where nature flows and waves roll

Bringing welcome consolation from the natural world, Amanera inhabits 2,000 acres of pristine verdant peaks and lush jungle with centuries-old trees and royal palms stretching along nearly seven miles of Atlantic coastline. This is a land of nature reserves, starkly beautiful desert, dramatic waterfalls and sleepy towns. Take guided treks through protected jungle reserves and discover the birthplace of kitesurfing with private lessons in Cabarete Bay, one of the world’s most celebrated spots for this exhilarating sport. Amanera’s magnificent canvas of towering cliffs, panoramic mountain-to-sea views and windswept plateaus, next to undulating coastline, will invigorate the mind, body and soul.

Lounge, Amangani

Amangani, Wyoming

Adventures in the wild

Amangani’s extraordinary wilderness, at the foot of the Teton Mountains, is rich with back-to-nature adventures. During the summer, explore the verdant plains and wildflowers surrounding Jackson Hole with a visit to Grand Teton National Park. Take a four-hour sunrise hike, breathing in fresh mountain air, in search of Wyoming’s wide variety of wildlife including moose, elk, bison, wolves and even grizzly bears.  In pursuit of the purest air, head for new heights with an exhilarating hot air balloon ride amongst the clouds, which offers views across flourishing park land and Snake River Range.

Thermal Spring, Amanemu

Amanemu, Japan

The healing power of the forest

A relaxed, peaceful and contemplative destination, Amanemu is situated on the shores of Ago Bay in Ise Shima National Park. Surrounded by sacred trees, Amanemu is the ideal place to practice Shinrin-Yoku (forest bathing), a Japanese term, meaning ‘taking in the forest atmosphere.’ Combining the healing benefits of mindfulness and nature, the exquisite setting of the Kumano Kodo, a series or network of UNESCO world heritage trails, serves as the serene backdrop for forest bathing experiences.

The pilgrimage routes lead guests along streams, rivers and waterfall-laced mountains, past cedar and cypress forests to sacred sites such as the Ise Grand Shrine, built in 3rd century and known as the ‘Soul of Japan’. This cultural landscape reflects the fusion of Shintoism with the ancient nature worship in Japan. Offering a mindful way to absorb the tranquillity and healing power of the forest, a visit to Amanemu will help rebalance the self.

Amankora Bhutan

Amankora, Bhutan

Training at new heights

Amankora’s five unique lodges are spread across different valleys within the mystical Kingdom of Bhutan, a spiritual place of soaring 7,000 metre Himalayan peaks and where happiness and nature are revered. To experience the purest air, Amankora guests can take part in the intense 10-night High Altitude Training discovering Bhutan’s natural and cultural treasures. Each valley offers a new challenge, with guests covering 78 kilometres taking in spectacular views, unique insights into Bhutanese life, architecture and spirituality as well as access to monasteries, including the famous Tiger’s Nest.

The challenges include cycle rides on winding mountain trails soaring above the clouds, forest bathing in old-growth rhododendron forests and a hike to Bumdra Monastery, located 4,000 metres above sea level, for magnificent views of Paro Valley. Awarded a pine-tree seed on completion, guests are invited to plant the tree, which will be named in their honour in recognition of their personal achievement.

Beach Club, Amanoi

Amanoi, Vietnam & Amanpuri, Thailand

Reconnecting with the self in nature

For those who like to maintain their fitness regime whilst on holiday but want to exchange the gym for the great outdoors, Amanoi in Vietnam and Amanpuri in Thailand offer a ‘Fitness in Nature’ experience. Lasting two days or more the effective itinerary consists of both strength-building and aerobic exercises, which take place in the spectacular natural surrounds of each resort.

With mother nature providing the backdrop, guests set personal fitness goals to challenge them while enjoying a deeper exploration of the local environment, as active eco-adventures await. At Amanoi, the picturesque landscape of Núi Chúa National Park provides the framework for activities including invigorating hikes and jungle runs, whilst at Amanpuri the white sands and blue waters of its secluded beach provide a paradise-like setting in which to enjoy activities such as beach training, aqua aerobics and alfresco yoga. Breathe in these spectacular settings for a mind and body reset.

Amanikan, Indonesia

Aman Voyages, Indonesia

Trekking in the Raja Ampat archipelago

Set sail on Aman’s private yachts Amandira or Amanikan and explore the Raja Ampat islands, one of Indonesia’s hidden gems and one of the planet’s most diverse landscapes. Where the Pacific and Indian Oceans meet, the archipelago encompasses more than 40,000 square kilometres of unparalleled marine life and thousands of islands, cays and shoals cloaked in tropical jungle.

During the voyage on these sleek vessels, discover the un-touched landscape of Wayag Island, a haven of clean air and home to Mount Pindito. The challenging climb to the peak of the mountain offers extraordinary views across Raja Ampat with its surreal rock forms rising from the turquoise sea. Offering ways to render the world’s most remote destinations accessible, the individually curated expeditions onboard Amandira and Amanikan are life affirming.

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