Kopi Kangen Nabs Serena Biscuit, Launching Kangen Berat

A New Variant in Non-Coffee Drink #KangenBerat Offers a Unique Savory Combining Dairy Vigor, Palm Sugar and Serena Biscuit from The Legendary Khong Guan Biscuit   

A full year of gleaming action while still with the Valentine’s Day spirit, Kopi Kangen under PT Karya Generasi Millenial’s management in collaboration with Serena – Troy biscuit, is back once again to bring a new variant of unique, tasty, crispy and refreshing drink. This latest variant of non-coffee drink called Kangen Berat is a modern blend of fresh milk, Serena Troy biscuit and palm sugar. The caramel and cinnamon-flavored Serena Troy biscuit is a production of PT Serena Indopangan Industri, a member of the legendary Indonesian biscuit maker, Khong Guan Group.

Kopi Kangen founders, the William Heuw and Chris Erlando duo, stated that, “We are very pleased and thankful that Kopi Kangen has now been around for a full year since we opened the first shop on the 22nd of February, 2019. And this special moment is further signified by our latest creation and collaboration with Serena Troy, launching a new drink variant called Kangen Berat. Today, Kangen Berat is officially available simultaneously in all of our shops in Java, Sumatera, Kalimantan and Bali.”  

Furthermore, William and Christ explained that the product’s name, Kangen Berat, was conceived together with the creative team from Serena Biscuit. It has been our commitment to innovate and present new and special products to our customer. Although Kangen Berat is a non-coffee drink, customers who wish to enjoy it with coffee can ask for an extra coffee shot at the shop.

Public Relations Manager PT. Serena Indopangan Industri, Candy Setiawan stated that, “We are very happy with this collaboration. Kangen Berat is a modern drink with a delightful and unique taste, fresh milk sprinkled with cinnamon and caramel-flavored Serena Troy biscuit crumbs. Serena Troy biscuit is indeed a perfect snack to enjoy while having a drink, through this collaboration we hope that people will become more familiar with Serena Troy, leaving a good impression for new consumers. We are confident that Kangen Berat drink will become the next popular new creation among young people and family in Indonesia. Serena is known to present various tasty and crispy crackers under numerous brands such as Coconut Butter, Lemonia, Cookies and Togo.”    

Meanwhile, Kopi Kangen duo managers, Lisa Wardoyo and Fenny Changdra, pointed out that Kopi Kangen is available at online application platforms through partnership with Gofood and Grabfood, while for payment method, Kopi Kangen is also collaborating with various partners to provide customers with various promotions and cash-back

With Don’t Hold Back #RasaKangen tag-line, so far Kopi Kangen which is developed as a franchise, has opened 25 shops in Jawa, Bali, Sumatera and Kalimantan, following several new ones that will be opened in March and April this year. The expansion target for developing these new shops is done through a screening and filter process of new potential locations.

Regarding menu, information about promotions and other exciting updates from Kopi Kangen, they are available on social media IG: @Kopikangen.id 

The longing “RasaKangen” remains, albeit promises turn into memories.

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