7th Year Gleaming Action, Makaroni Ngehe Holds Mahe Run

Actor Ibnu Jamil & Miss Indonesia 2018 Runner-Up Wilda Situngkir Ready To Conquer The Mahe Run Route, Maliq & The Essentials And Wizzy Ready To Light Up The Stage, Mahe Ceo Ali Muharam Ready To Become A Chef For One Day  

Makaroni Ngehe, a quintessential Tasikmalayan macaroni-based snack brand which is popular among the youth across Java, is entering its seventh year of gleaming action this year. In this special anniversary moment, Makaroni Ngehe is coordinating a sports event dubbed the MaHe Run. MaHe Run is a seven-kilometer fun run with fun color fun foam concept held on Monday morning, 15 March 2020 at Gate 6 of Gelora Bung Karno Stadium.  

MaHe Run is intended to bring new colors and experience in running competitions both for individual and family, offering thrilling prizes of 7 genuine gold medals @10 grams for the first 7 finishers as well as a grand prize of 1 Vespa LX 125. Registration for MaHe Run is open since early February at ngehe.com. A number of proponent runners from various running communities around the Greater Jakarta area (Jabodetabek) have registered themselves and are ready to compete for the prizes.  

Makaroni Ngehe CEO and initiator, Ali Muharam stated that “Makaroni Ngehe is 7 years old this year in 2020, a relatively young age yet we are so grateful for its entrepreneurship milestones and achievements. Thus, we came up with the MaHe Run idea, a fun running sports event with a fun color foam theme covering 7 kilometers of distance that we deliberately present for the Indonesian youth and family. Our mission at MaHe Run is to bring a new color to running events, a different experience, and more excitement because it’s more than fun run. It’s Mahe Run.” 

Furthermore, Ali explained that the MaHe Run event is held not only to show Makaroni Ngehe’s strong commitment to actively promote a healthy and fun lifestyle, but also to establish a closer relationship with the consumers, the running community and the general public. 

MaHe Run brings a fun running competition that is different and special. The prizes offered are all fashioned in 7, particularly the 7 gold medals @10 grams for the first 7 runners to reach the finish line. There is also a doorprize consisting of 7 electric scooters, 7 smartphones, 7 smartwatches, 7 bluetooth handsfrees, 7 bluetooth speakers & 70 vouchers as well as a grandprize of 1 Vespa LX 125.     

MaHe Run, held at Gate 6 of Gelora Bung Karno Stadium and expecting to receive 2,000 participants, will feature a number of fully sensational attractions such as Flashmob by Paskibraka, Cooking Attraction, Marching Band, Flagman, Duo Percussion, LAPD Cheers, as well as Wizzy and the main performance of Maliq & D’Essentials. 

The 7-kilometer MaHe Run course will start at Gate 6 Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, trekking along Jenderal Sudirman Road towards the Semanggi Interchange, turning around at the Semanggi intersection and returning back to Jenderal Sudirman Road through Pattimura Street up to Taman Mataram all the way to Pemuda Membangun Statue upon re-entering Jenderal Sudirman Road towards the Finish Gate at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium’s Gate 6. 

There’s a certain unique and different excitement in MaHe Run, each participant will encounter a ‘rintangan santuy’ (soft obstacles) like foam spray, bubble, as well as red and white powder, ending with a passage through a water tunnel upon entering the finish line, guaranteed to be a distinctive experience!  

Presently, Makaroni Ngehe has 33 outlets in major cities in Java (Among which are in Greater Jakarta Area or Jabodetabek, Kerawang, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Purwokerto, Solo, Malang and Surabaya) with 1 online outlet on WhatsApp

Makaroni Ngehe offers various snack products such as Dry and Wet Macaroni, Vermicelli, Viscera, Noodle, Cimol (Rounded Starch) and Otak-otak (Grilled-fish snack) each with 5 different flavors and 5 different levels of spiciness. Makaroni Ngehe promotes the tag-line “Nagihnya Ngehe” (Damn Addictive) whereas Ngehe = Nationalism, Giving, Entrepreneurship, Humanism and Environment. 

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