MINQ Kitchen Offers a Variety of Asian Food

Situated in Jakarta’s foremost lifestyle strip, MINQ Kitchen is the newest dining venue from lifestyle and entertainment group, De La House. MINQ Kitchen offers a variety of Asian comfort food perfect for a casual business lunch with colleagues, afternoon tea with friends, or an intimate family dinner. 

Crab and Asparagus Soup

The name MINQ Kitchen is inspired by the 14th century Ming Dynasty, the first Chinese dynasty that paid attention on how food was presented. This was due to the use of eclectic dinnerware- porcelain produced during the Ming Dynasty, which is still considered the finest in Chinese history. This was also an era when China first established trade with the West, thus introducing Chinese cuisine to the rest of the known world all the while enriching Chinese cuisine with new ingredients. MINQ Kitchen embraces the fusion and evolution of cultures, while still respecting and valuing passed down traditions. 


MINQ Kitchen’s black facade is inspired by traditional Chinese patterns and upon entering the venue, patrons are greeted by rows of lucky cats (maneki-neko).The 150 square meter dining area is decked with Terrazzo-motif flooring, and the wooden and rattan chairs can comfortably sit 66 patrons at 21 tables. The side wall is decked with rows of folding gates topped with signag-es, reminiscent of Chinese shop storefronts. 

Peking Duck

The food menu is predominantly Cantonese offerings such as the dim sum options, roasted duck and chicken, seafood, claypot, and congee. For those looking for a quick lunch fix, the dedicated special lunch menu has all the right options. MINQ Kitchen does not serve pork dishes nor dishes cooked with lard. Drinks at MINQ Kitchen include house favorites such as a variety of Chinese tea, bubble tea, and an assortment of juices and smoothies.The iced dessert options such as Ice Red Bean and Iced Matcha Boba are ideal to complete a meal at MINQ Kitchen. Last but not least, guests are to receive a fortune cookie upon leaving MINQ Kitchen. 

Shrimp Hakao

“MINQ Kitchen is unique compared to other De La House concepts that it focuses on a casual dining experience,” said Leon Gunawan, CEO of De La House. “Meanwhile for the Senopati area MINQ Kitchen is positioned to offer Asian comfort food within a cosy setting and a friendly price.” 

Leading the kitchen team is Chef Pandi, which holds over a decade of experience in Chinese cuisine.With natural light during the day and soft lighting by night, MINQ Kitchen is the place for Asian cuisine, day and night. 

Char Kway Teow

About De La House

Founded by Leon Gunawan in 2012, De La House is a holding company managing food & bever- age establishments, events, creative services, and fashion. Although spread out in a variety of diverse industries, all of De La House’s efforts are focused on catering to the modern lifestyles of the urban youth. De La House establishments include Parc 19 Bistro Terrace, LEÓN, Twenty Fifth, and GOLDSTEIN, and Roosevelt. 

Recent accolades received by the group is LEÓN winning the Best Bar title in the Foodies Magazine Jakarta’s Best Eats Awards in 2018, and subsequently Roosevelt clinched the title in 2019. In the events arm, Sunday Block Party is De La House’s yearly party event which started in 2017.The 1-day dance party with two stages (indoor and outdoor) and filled with international and national musical talents offering alternative tunes from the usual and the mainstream. Sunday Block Party is a must go-to event for those who wish to dig deeper. CANVAS, MGMT, and De La House Radio falls under De La House’s creative services arm. 

Providing clients with individually tailored services to suit their business needs since 2017. Last but not least, De La House also ventured into the fashion industry when it acquired
CAPITAL in 2017, one of the pioneers of the Indonesian streetwear scene. 

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