French Gastronomy with Four Seasonal Menus at L’envol

Located within the sophisticated surroundings of St. Regis Hong Kong, L’Envol led by Culinary Director Olivier Elzer offers an inventive interpretation of French haute cuisine using selected ingredients and seasonal produce from France and Asia. The elegant dining room perfectly encapsulates Parisian flair in an opulent palette of beige, white and gold with pastel marble and brushed bronze, reflecting Chef Olivier Elzer’s contemporary culinary compositions. 

To mark the turn of the season, Chef Elzer introduces four new autumn-inspired experiences at L’Envol, from the “Allure” set lunch and 5-course “Decouverte” chef’s menu, to the 8-course “Signature” series and 8-course “Prestige” caviar menu. 

Tsar Imperial Petrossian

Introducing The 8-Course “Signature” Dinner Tasting Menu 

Savour L’Envol’s most iconic dishes by Chef Olivier Elzer, the eight-course Signature menu is priced at HK$1,888+10% per guest, with an additional HK$1,288 for the wine pairing experience hand-selected by Chief Sommelier Tristan Pommier. Pommier will be showcasing some exclusive champagne and wine labels only available at St. Regis Hong Kong including the 2010 L’ame de la Terre Francoise Bedel et Fils and Côte de Beaune “Les Pierres Blanches”, Klain Bourgogne 2001, a wine from the southern part of Côte d’Or, which is also home to great Burgundy wines. The menu begins with Piedmont beef abalone “like a tartare”, a classic French dish executed in Chef Olivier’s own interpretation, he adds abalone to the French classic dish to pay homage to Hong Kong.

The abalone is sourced from Brittany, softly cooked and sliced into cubes, pairing well with the tender Italian Piedmont beef. On top, Chef Olivier adds a decadent shaving of pressed caviar by Kavari, a 1kg pressed cigar-shaped caviar stick created out of 10kg of caviar. 

Le Shadi De La Maison Nordique

Another signature dish is the Hokkaido sea urchin box, a dish inspired by Chef Olivier’s former Executive Chef post. His re-interpreted version of the “Sea Urchin Box”, uses Hokkaido bafun sea urchin, Gamberoni prawns from Corsica, a subtle seasoning of lemon, chili and olive oil, and a crunchy fennel garnish from the south of France. 

At L’Envol, the concluding courses promise to be just as exciting as the start. The famed L’Envol cheese trolley is a 3-tierred trolley featuring over 30 types of exclusive cheeses, as well as homemade condiments such as white chocolate, quince paste, Iranian honey, Espelette pepper, beer jam and fresh fruits. For dessert, Pastry Chef Mandy Siu has prepared a special tribute to chocolate, Le Chocolat Kidavoa. 

Sourced from Madagascar, the banana-flavoured Kidavoa chocolate is created by fermenting the cocoa beans twice for a rich and decadent flavour. The chocolate dessert is served with caramelised banana, banana compote, rum, cocoa bean ice cream and orange blossom foam to balance the richness of the dish. 

The petit-four trolley is the final spectacle, showcasing over ten types of delicate mignardises by Pastry Chef Mandy Siu including chocolate bonbons, marshmallows, homemade jelly candies and at least one type of French tart. Items on the trolley change every two weeks, to ensure seasonality and freshness of ingredients. 

Introducing the 8-Course “Prestige” Caviar Menu 

Highlighting five hand-selected caviar pairings originating from leading caviar producers in China, France and surrounding European countries, the Prestige Menu is an ode to Chef Elzer’s precise and delicate craftsmanship. Caviar highlights begin with Le Shadi de La Maison Nordique harvested from the Schrenki sturgeon in Quzhou, China, paired with Brittany blue lobster salad and “Lait Ribot” vinaigrette. The coveted eggs are first farmed, washed, salted and then aged for two months in China, before being shipped to France for further assessment, tasting and final packing by the caviar masters of La Maison Nordique. 

Le Kristal Kaviari L’Envol

Another truly exceptional caviar with a deep golden colour, Le Kristal Kaviari is harvested from the Schrenki sturgeon in China. Le Kristal exhibits a classic ‘nutty’ flavour, pairing well with the freshness and of Brittany razor clams. The smaller beads of Le Sevruga Petrossian which are lighter in colour to dark grey with a robust taste of the sea, and a complement to the subtle flavours of poached Brittany sole fish. L’Ossetra Tsar Imperial Petrossian is a golden treasure fit for the Tsar, with large amber grains boasting potency and balance.

This particular caviar is paired with a simple farmed duck egg infused with dry haddock, shaved over with pressed Kaviari caviar and finished with buttery homemade brioche. 

The decadent gastronomic journey ends with L’Envol’s famous cheese selection and Pastry Chef Mandy Siu’s elegant creations. The 8-course Prestige Caviar Menu is priced at HK$2,688 + 10% per guest and Tristan Pommier, Chief Sommelier at St. Regis Hong Kong has curated a unique champagne pairing, all the champagnes from the menu are grower champagnes to further enhance the Prestige menu and each of the caviar chosen to complement the ingredients on each dish, the champagne pairing is at an additional HK$1,888. 

Introducing The 5-Course “Decouverte” Tasting Menu 

The decouverte menu features five courses of Chef Olivier’s latest seasonal innovations and inspirations. Priced at HK$1,288+10% per guest with an optional Wine Discovery pairing at an additional HK$888. Pommier has selected iconic wine regions and estates such as Burgundy, Bordeaux and Loire Valley to showcase in the wine pairing experience, guests can sample some of the most iconic wine Châteaux in France during this experience. Highlights of the menu begin with Goose Foie Gras terrine with mackerel and Jerusalem artichoke, and Seared Brittany Langoustine with pomegranate, “poutargue” and arugula emulsion. The main course is a choice between Charcoal grilled “Challans” duck breast with French “crèpes mushroom” cooked in yellow wine and Kagoshima A3 beef tenderloin (add HK$200) served with crispy potatoes and truffle sauce.

Dining Room

For the cheese course, guests may choose between Saint-Marcellin cheese served two different ways, or the iconic L’Envol cheese selection served on a trolley (add HK$200). The meal ends with Pastry Chef Mandy Siu’s seasonal Creamy passionfruit & crispy yuzu dessert, served with passionfruit chocolate, Alfonso mango sorbet using fresh mango from Pakistan, yuzu chocolate and passionfruit coulis. 

L’Envol also offers guests over 800 wines including red, white, rosé, and dessert wines, as well as more than 100 references for Champagne all handpicked by Chief Sommelier Tristan Pommier. The beverage list is extensive with a focus on small boutique wineries so that guests can enjoy rare vintage or limited edition bottles. 

Aside from vintage and iconic wines, guests can also enjoy premium Armagnac and rare cognac selections for the perfect after dinner digestif. 

For reservations, please call 2138 6818 or email [email protected]

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