Allianz and Gojek Expand GoRide Insurance Benefits

Allianz Indonesia announced the expansion of the strategic partnership between Gojek and PasarPolis in providing protection for travel insurance in GoRide services, November 7, 2019. GoRide passengers and drivers are now protected during the trip, from pick-up point to destination location.

Previous protection provide reimbursement of medical expenses, the risk of permanent disability to the risk of death due to an accident. Through the expansion of this partnership, the benefits for GoRide passengers will then be completed with covering the risk of damage or loss of goods due to crime.

The insurance claim can be easily submitted through PasarPolis’ online claim platform to simplify insurance claims. PasarPolis also provides 24 hours customer service to respond customer inquiries.

Peter van Zyl, President Director of Allianz Utama Indonesia said, “We hope this partnership will answer public need for safe and convenient transportation services. To date, we have insured millions of Gojek drivers and tens of millions of Gojek passengers. With the dynamics of everyone’s activities, we want to make protection a part of people’s lifestyles,”

Hans Patuwo, Chief Operations Officer Gojek said, “Gojek is committed to our third pillar of safety and security, which entails prevention, protection, and swift response. The partnership with Allianz Indonesia and PasarPolis represents a step toward increased safety and security from the moment a passenger orders a ride through the app, to their arrival at their desired destination,”

“Gojek service passengers have now received protection during the trip. For GoRide services, we collaborate with Allianz, and GoCar service as Special Public Transportation that has also received protection from Jasa Raharja as mandated by the Laws and also the Regulation from Minister of Transportation no. 118 of 2010,” added Hans.

Christopher Kustono, Chief Operating Officer PasarPolis said, “By promoting technology, PasarPolis streamlines the insurance claims process, making it easier, faster and hassle-free for customers to file and receive claim payments. Through this partnership, GoRide passengers can submit claim easily through their mobile phones. By uploading photos of the files needed, claim payment will be processed within 24 hours. PasarPolis will continue to innovate in order to provide access of protection to all Indonesian, whatever their way of life.”

The collaboration between Allianz Indonesia with Gojek and PasarPolis also to support government’s programs to increase financial inclusion. The Financial Services Authority (OJK) recorded that the country’s insurance utility level was at 12.08 percent in 2017. In other words, only 12 of 100 Indonesians were insured.

“We aim to bolster insurance utility among the general public, which will hopefully contribute to the government’s financial inclusion initiative. Our collaboration with Gojek and PasarPolis will enable us to reach out to a larger society. Therefore we hope it would raise public awareness of the importance of having protection in their daily activities so that it has an impact on increasing financial inclusion rate in society,” said Peter.

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