The World Woman Conference 2019

The business organization, Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship Indonesia (FGBMFI), along with Ladies of the Fellowship (LOF), is organizing the international event, the World Woman Conference on Thursday and Friday, 24-25 October at Ritz Carlton Pacific Place, SCBD, Jakarta. The World Woman Conference is an entrepreneur multi-event which carries the theme WomaNow, Woman Living in the Millennial Time. It is FGBMFI and LOF’s effort in and strong commitment to pushing for and supporting women empowerment in Indonesia.

World Woman Conference 2019 is to be attended by more than 3,000 women  from Indonesia and abroad. The organizers have invited international and national figures from various backgrounds to come as speakers, including Jim Burns, Suzette Hattingh, Yenny Wahid, Liliana Tanaja Tanoesoedibjo, Veronica Colondam, Inez Kristanti, Anne Patricia, Farida Bau, Dato’ Sri Tahir, Vincent Raditya, Professor Wimpie Pangkahila, Haryanto Kandani, Didi Budiardjo Alexandra Sadeli, Susy Kleo, Eka Deli, Nita Lesmana, and more. 

National President of FGBMFI Indonesia, Ardian E. Kristanto said, “We are blessed and happy as only because of our Lord are we, Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship Indonesia and Ladies of the Fellowship (LOF) able to organize the first World Woman Conference.” Further, Ardian said that FGBMFI, which is also called Perkumpulan Usahawan Injil Sepenuhnya Indonesia (PUISI) in Indonesia, is part of one of the world’s largest business organizations present in 142 countries and has been around for 40 years in Indonesia. Through its woman’s arm of the organization, Ladies of the Fellowship (LOF), FGBMFI wants to organize an international event at which international figures come together and discuss a very relevant theme in today’s world, expressed as WomaNow, Woman Living in the Millennial Time. “Here, thousands of participants come from all over the world.”

Ladies of the Fellowship (LOF) is a medium for women under FGBMFI. LOF is reaching out to women so that it can help empower and guide them to be strong individuals, partners to their husband in the family, be ready to help make their children  a generation with integrity to build the nation. Through World Woman Conference, women are equipped with various knowledge, both spiritual and others. 

Chairman of the Conference, Agus Surjanto explained the Organizing Committee has invited more than 30 speakers. They will present topics ranging from female entrepreneurship, youth and family issues, and spirituality. The main speaker in the event is Jim Burns, an expert in family and youth issues from California, US. He is known as the founder and leader HomeWord Center for Youth & Family. From Indonesia, national figures who have joined the list of speakers include Yenny Wahid or Zannuba Ariffah Chafsoh and Liliana Tanoesoedibjo. Both will share with the participants their thought and knowledge about women empowerment in Indonesia. Aside from World Woman Conference, there are two other agenda that share the stage with the conference, Joint Regional Conference and CEO Forum, which will also feature national business figures.   

Director of the World Woman Conference 2019, Farida Bau explained that the idea for the conference was the important vision and mission to empower women  to help them face today’s challenges and succeed in their roles in their family and their career. Behind their beautiful and fashionable appearance, who’s to say that women don’t face quandaries? WWC invites Women Now to share information on various topics. WWC is expected to act as a medium for Women Now to get information which they can use to become ideal mothers and to please the Lord.

World Woman Conference 2019 features various topics of discussion presented by  speakers, such as Inez Kristanti (Intimate Communication), Alexandra Sadeli (God’s Secret Weapon), Veronica Colondam, Elisa Jonathan and Yung Yung Pribadi (Next Generation), Anne Patricia (Winning Competition in Men’s World), Dato’ Sri Tahir (Turning Passion Into Vision), Marcia Julia (Maximize Your Business with Digital Marketing), Susy Kleo (Make Up 101), Vincent Raditya (Creativepreneur & Creative Thinking), Professor Wimpie Pangkahila (Maintaining a Harmonious Marriage Life), Indri Pardede Aria (God’s Purpose for Women’s Life), and many more.

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