The Unique Macanese Afternoon Tea

The Manor’s Chá Gordo Pays Homage to Macanese Culinary Heritage

The St. Regis Macao, Cotai Central is collaborating with Macanese expert Chef Antonieta Fernandes Manhão (Neta) after a successful collaboration earlier this year. Chá Gordo – the afternoon tea buffet celebrating the unique Macanese tradition of a family-style tea time, showcasing hard-to-find Macanese dishes and local delicacies.

Chef Antonieta Fernandes Manhão

Chef Neta has brought her passion and expertise of authentic Macanese cuisine and injected it into The Manor’s home-style Chá Gordo menu, which features over 30 exquisite sweets and savories in an elegant buffet setting at The Manor.

“Chá Gordo is one of the unique and rare cultural practices that we have to preserve.” Chef Neta said. “Chá Gordo represents some of the best parts of Macao’s culinary heritage, this is an honour to be back and share more about this tradition with the community. Every family has its own Chá Gordo recipes and we would like to develop the recipes that are exclusive to The Manor.”


The St. Regis Macao Culinary Director, David King, said he was proud of Chá Gordo’s success in honouring classic recipes and recreating an afternoon tea experience that captures this unique Macanese culture.

“The influence of Macao’s rich cultural heritage permeates through so many aspects of The St. Regis Macao and The Manor, and we are thrilled to welcome back Chef Neta with her expertise and in-depth appreciation of Macao’s culinary history to present an authentic Chá Gordo experience, and create our home-style and unique Chá Gordo recipe at The Manor.” Chef King said.

The Manor’s “Chá Gordo” menu features a mixture of savory and sweet dishes, including Apabicos (pork & salted radish dumplings), Chilicote (fried minchi beef & pork pastries), Chilicote-Folhas (pork & balichão steamed dumplings) and Pãozinhos Recheado (crispy fried curried minced meat mini bun).

Guests can also delight in local main courses including an essential comfort food Tacho (a Macanese stew with pork skin, preserved duck leg, Chinese sausages, cabbage and mushroom) and a popular family meal dish Capela (baked minced pork, with olive, grated cheese and bacon), it reveals the sweet and tangy glaze flavor.

Chá Gordo at The Manor is testament to UNESCO recognising Macao as a “Creative City of Gastronomy”, showcases the rich heritage of Macao’s dining culture, catering to those looking for an authentic sampling of Macanese flavours.

Chá Gordo is available every Saturday from 3-5:30pm, and is priced at MOP148+ per person, including a selection of local-inspired beverages. For reservations or more information, please email [email protected] or call +853 2882 8898.

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