Aman Introduces New Restaurants and Chef Residences

Exceptional culinary journeys that satisfy, surprise and delight are an intrinsic part of an Aman experience. The gastronomic offerings at each hotel and resort are constantly evolving thanks to the visionary excellence of Aman’s talented chefs. In the coming months, several culinary firsts will be celebrated, including the unveiling of a lakeside hot pot restaurant, Yin Lu, at Amanyangyun in China and the introduction of two gourmet evenings at Amankora led by Noma co-founder Mads Refslund. 

Amanyangyun Hotpot – Yin Lu


In August, Yin Lu joins Amanyangyun’s existing dining venues including Chinese restaurant Lazhu and Italian restaurant Arva in bringing delectable home-cooked cuisines to Shanghai. 

Named after the traditional pots that historically warmed Chinese homes, Yin Lu is set in a bamboo grove with lakeside views over Amanyangyun’s magnificent camphor forest. Light-filled and welcoming, with an elegant minimal aesthetic, Yin Lu celebrates the Chinese tradition of hot pot in Cantonese style. Meat, vegetables and seafood, including abalone, grouper and lobster, are cooked in silver pots of steaming broth that rest in the middle of each table – warming the atmosphere, and the bellies of those dining in this authentic new restaurant. 

Dating back approximately 3,000 years to the West Zhou Dynasty, the use of hot pot as a cooking method is ubiquitous in China today, paying tribute to convivial communal dining, that is a key part of Chinese culture. At Yin Lu, healthy, mouth-watering hot pot dishes are prepared by Cantonese chefs in honour of this Chinese culinary tradition, while also championing the finest local produce. Homemade hot pot dips are another specialty, including the famed XO sauce considered the emperor of sauces in Cantonese cuisine. 

From 6 to 31 August, Amanyangyun’s Executive Chef Fred Shi will join forces with his counterpart from Amandayan in the Yunnan province, Chef Gary Yuan, to craft a ‘Mushroom Feast’ at Lazhu. The Yunnan province in southern China is well known for producing some of the nation’s highest quality mushrooms thanks to its location amongst mountains and lush forests and its unique climate. The set menu offered at Lazhu will include exquisite dishes featuring a variety of wild mushrooms local to Amandayan and will be paired with three carefully chosen Yunnan beers. 

Amankora, Bhutan – Paro Dining Room


Amankora Thimphu is delighted to present two gastronomic evenings hosted by renowned Michelin- starred chef Mads Refslund on 13 and 14 September. Co-founder of Noma, voted the ‘World’s Best Restaurant’ no less than four times, Mads Refslund is also the author of the acclaimed ‘Scraps, Wilts and Weeds’ book which focuses on turning ‘waste food into treasure’. 

Danish born but based in New York, Mads Refslund will be preparing a multi-course tasting journey for Amankora guests together with the Amankora team. Based on the foraging concept, the dishes will feature a bounty of ingredients native to Bhutan and the Himalayas, and will showcase Mads Refslund’s New Nordic cuisine, based on his early years at a number of Michelin-starred restaurants. 

Musashi by Aman

Aman Tokyo 

This October, Musashi by Aman celebrates its first anniversary high above Japan’s vibrant capital in the peaceful sanctuary that is Aman Tokyo. For almost a year, Master Chef Hiroyuki Musashi has created his delicate sushi in the tradition of Omakase at the eight-seat Hinoki wooden counter. A hallmark of quality in the world of sushi, Omakase allows a chef creative freedom to choose the menu for his guests from the finest ingredients available. Designed by the acclaimed designer Yukio Hashimoto, the restaurant’s intimate counter allows just eight guests to witness the sushi artisan up close. 

A Master Chef with 30 year experience in his own Michelin-starred restaurant before joining Aman Tokyo, Chef Musashi crafts his Edomae sushi from the freshest seafood, purchased daily pre-dawn at the city’s newly opened Toyosu Fish Market. 

Amanjena – Japanese Restaurant


Chef Keiji Matoba, the creative master behind Aman’s global Japanese restaurant concept Nama, will be in residence at Amanjena until the end of September this year. He is visiting Aman’s idyllic escape on the outskirts of Marrakech to assist in the re-launch of Nama and the fine-tuning of its existing menu, developing new dishes from revised recipes. 

Nama, meaning ‘raw’, combines the principles of washoku (the Japanese culinary tradition now recognised on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list) with the finest seasonal ingredients available locally. Nama’s exquisite dishes are thus true to the age-old preparation techniques of the Japanese kitchen, but imbued with a strong sense of place. In a career that has spanned 21-years as a professional chef, Chef Matoba has worked in traditional Japanese kitchens around the world. Throughout his travels, he developed a signature style of cooking that allowed him the flexibility to combine the washoku approach with regionally distinctive ingredients and international tastes. 

Aman Venice, Palazzo Kitchen Table

Aman Venice 

Aman Venice announced the arrival of the Palazzo Kitchen Table this spring; a unique dining venue overlooking the garden of the 16th-century palazzo. Seating just ten diners, the Palazzo Kitchen Table is an exquisite, light-filled space just a lawn away from the Grand Canal. Delicately decorated by the painter Matteo Bertelli with leaf motifs, the dining venue invites the garden – a rare feature in Venice – within, while also boasting its own wine cellar. This houses an impressive wine collection including rare vintages from Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne in France, and a 1995 merlot from Tuscany in Italy. 

Culinary events held at the Palazzo Kitchen Table offer guests the opportunity to witness the chef’s expert and varied interpretation of local ingredients harvested from the Venetian lagoon and its islands. The live cooking sessions are interactive, allowing guests to partake in the process of creating dishes inspired by the simplest and freshest of seasonal ingredients. These are sourced from the vibrant Rialto Market nearby, often by the guests themselves, with its bountiful supply of fresh vegetables, seafood, herbs and spices. 

Aman Venice, Palazzo Kitchen Table

Aman was founded in 1988 with the vision of building a collection of intimate retreats with the unassuming, warm hospitality of a gracious private home. The first, Amanpuri (place of peace) in Phuket, Thailand, introduced the concept and, since then, Aman has grown to encompass 37 exquisitely serene hotels and resorts in 22 destinations across the world. Future openings include Aman Kyoto (2019), Aman New York (2020) and Amanvari in Mexico (2020). The introduction of Aman Skincare in 2018 continued the holistic journey beyond the perimeters of Aman’s havens. Offering a soothing journey to a place of beautifully scented repose and respite, Aman Skincare represents the spirit of Aman in a bottle. Cementing Aman’s commitment to providing guests with insightful and unique cultural experiences, Atma, launched in 2019, curates one-off events that are inspired by Aman destinations and designed to connect mind, body and spirit. 

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