Multi-Year Global Collaboration Octave Institute – Skift

Industrialist & Pioneer of Quantum Wellbeing Addresses Skift Forum Asia in Singapore

Octave Institute, a holistic health and wellbeing retreat located in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Suzhou, China, has forged a long-term collaboration with Skift Inc., the largest travel industry intelligence and marketing platform. Following Skift ForumAsia’s opening remarks by Mr. Rafat Ali, CEO and Founder of Skift, Mr. Frederick Chavalit Tsao, Founder and Chairman of Octave Institute, began Skift Forum Asia with an Octave Ritual conducted by Dani Van de Velde, to empower the 450 attendees to be expansive, focused and mindful for the Forum’s enlightening, informative and inspiring content.

During the Forum’s afternoon session, Mr. Tsao addressed the attendees on his journey from a fourth-generation family shipping business to a global supply chain enterprise and, ultimately, committing his life to achieving Quantum Wellbeing through Quantum Leadership by taking control of and aligning every aspect of one’s physical and spiritual life in order to achieve clarity, harmony and a new level of consciousness and perspective.

“To understand wellness travel and business, we first need to understand that travel is no longerabout escaping, it’s about engaging,” said Mr. Tsao. “The future of wellness travel is experiencing an immersive retreat that aligns your internal being with your external reality, for you cannot be well unless all aspects of your life are well, aligned and in harmony; external and internal, body and mind, personal and professional, physical and spiritual, for only then can you achieve Quantum Wellbeing. The only way to sustain Quantum Wellbeing is by taking absolute control of your life by practicing Quantum Leadership, the process of leading life to create a better tomorrow for all.”

In collaboration with Skift, Octave Institute will have a major presence at the Skift Global Forumin New York City in September 2019, the Skift Forum Europe in London in April 2020 and at the next Skift Forum Asia in Singapore in May 2020. In addition, Octave Institute has also become a partner in the Skift Wellness Newsletter and the annual Skift Wellness Megatrends Report.

“Skift is excited about its multi-year collaboration with Octave Institute, which launched withgreat success at Skift Forum Asia,” said Mr. Ali.

Twenty-five years ago, Mr. Tsao embarked upon a journey that has taken him all over the world in search of transcendent life sciences, medical approaches, philosophies and practices spanning both traditional and non-traditional cultures, customs, faiths and societies. Mr. Tsao’s odysseyled to the development of a holistic, integrative methodology to achieve transformational health and Quantum Wellness. His philosophy materialized into the creation of the OctaveInstitute, which is comprised of the luxurious Sangha Retreat, the state-of-the-art At One Clinic, At One Healing Spa, AITIA, The Living Room and annual At One International Festival.

Mr. Tsao’s book, Quantum Leadership: New Consciousness in Business, is set to be published in July 2019 by the Stanford University Press and will explore how to achieve creativity and collaboration at all levels of entrepreneurial activity in order to produce positive outcomes for businesses and the communities they serve.

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