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Honing every aspect of personal wellbeing 

Whether it be slowing down and concentrating on improving sleep and nutrition, or feeling energised by creative endeavours, Aman understands that wellness can be interpreted in different ways, and offers guests a personalised path back to wellness and a new lease on life via customised Individual Immersion programmes as well as intimate date-led group retreats. 2019 sees a new and varied calendar of holistic experiences, drawing on both traditional remedies as well as more contemporary techniques, at Aman destinations around the globe. 

Ayurveda Spa

The introduction of cutting-edge science to Aman’s wellness offering, not only heralds a new era of medical-grade wellness for the brand, but complements the wisdom and time-proven therapies of ancient healing philosophies long embraced by Aman. The healing power of nature harnessed by Aman’s all-natural skincare range completes this potent triumvirate in effectively tackling the effects of stress, ageing and unhealthy lifestyles. 


The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is a place of pristine natural beauty and cultural authenticity, where prosperity is measured by gauging its citizen’s happiness levels. Combining pared back luxury with exceptional cuisine, rejuvenating spa treatments, meaningful cultural encounters and breathtaking back-to-nature experiences, Amankora’s lodges in Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Gangtey, and Bumthang, each offer a peaceful retreat from which guests are able to focus on their holistic goals, their tranquil natural settings providing the real frame for rejuvenation from the inside out. 

Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Meaning of Life Retreat 

May 2019 

His Eminence the 9th Neyphug Trulku Rinpoche is one of Bhutan’s greatest living teachers. This May, he will host a unique eight-night retreat across four of Amankora’s lodges – Thimphu, Gangtey, Punakha and Paro. The retreat will focus on finding meaning in life, with Rinpoche explaining Buddhist philosophy and relating it to the everyday. Morning meditation, blessings and prayer sessions, as well as temple visits, lectures and one-on-one sessions will increase awareness and give insight into life’s purpose. 

A Professor of Buddhism, Rinpoche is an extraordinarily humble and inspiring master who speaks with compassion and wisdom, interjected with gentle humour, and who is dedicated to preserving and spreading the Buddha Dharma. 

The retreat will include two nights at each lodge, all meals, airport transfers, private vehicles with driver and guide, all touring and monument passes and one 60-minute spa treatment per person. 

Forest and Prayer Flag Bathing Experiences 


Bhutan’s location in the eastern Himalayas, with its subtropical plains and alpine terrain gives it more rainfall than its neighbours to the west, a factor greatly facilitating the growth of its forests. Amankora has introduced unique outdoor experiences that lend themselves innately to quiet reflection amongst the wonder of nature. 

Himalayan Forest Bathing involves tranquil walking through wilderness and draws its inspiration from the Japanese phrase shinrin yoku, meaning ‘absorbing the forest atmosphere’. The practice is meant to be effortless – the forest itself bestowing its peaceful rewards through sight, sound, smell and touch. 

Prayer Flag Bathing also shares this simplicity, but its focus is on listening to the sound of prayer flags flapping in the wind. Generally mounted for happiness and longevity, luck and prosperity, prayer flags represent the Buddhist belief that prayers can be carried on the wind. Meditating to the rippling sound of fluttering prayer flags is deeply calming – a spiritual immersion in the manifested prayers of those thankful for every blessing. 

Amankora also offers a guided Forest Therapy experience, which combines Forest and Prayer Flag Bathing with mandala creation. In Buddhism, a mandala is a circular figure drawn in the sand, said to transmit positive energies to the environment and believed to aid focus in meditation and promote a feeling of balance. 


Perched above the verdant Ayung River Gorge outside Ubud, Amandari is an intrinsic part of Kedewatan, a village that upholds the same age-old traditions and values that the Balinese have believed in and practised for centuries. Established to preserve the purity of Bali’s unique culture and joyful spirit, Amandari reflects this truth in every nuance of its name – ‘peaceful spirits’ and this year celebrates its 30th anniversary with a series of wellness experiences inspired by the local culture. 

Shamanic Retreat 

14-16 September 2019 

In the whirl of daily life, it is easy for one’s inner voice to be drowned out by external pressures and the pace of modern times. Yet it is this inner voice that is an individual’s truest guide to living his or her most fulfilling life. 

This inspirational retreat takes guests into the heart of nature to experience the wonder, joy and sacredness of life by exploring and replenishing their lifeforce in serene natural environments. During this three-day transformational journey, guests explore nature-based spirituality, indigenous wisdom and healing ceremonies to help reconnect guests to their true essence. 

Thermal spring

The healing power of shamanic practices, visioning techniques, meditation and medicine music will be used to help increase clarity, support wellbeing, better understand life’s calling and deepen the relationship with Mother Earth and Spirit. Guests will enjoy releasing tension, deepening inner wisdom and will receive guidance to help navigate life’s challenges. 


Sacred to the Balinese, Mount Agung provides a dramatic backdrop to Amankila, a secluded cliff-side beach resort in East Bali. Situated above a private stretch of sand in Karangasem, Bali’s most traditional regency, the resort overlooks the waters of the Lombok Strait and offers direct access to untouched countryside and local craft villages. 

Yoga on the beach

Wellness from Within 

19-21 September 2019 

The Balinese are renowned for their respect for all living beings and creatures. History is celebrated, and reverence for Bali’s ancestors informs every aspect of daily life. This September, Amankila’s guests can delve into the lore and mystery of Bali to learn the secrets of this peaceful way of life, in which every aspect of life is celebrated. 

The three-night retreat will include trekking on the slopes of Mount Agung to discover the medicinal plants of Eastern Bali, learning the arts of story-telling and meditation from local healers and elders, practicing Balinese yoga, consulting with local spiritual healers, enjoying a sunset journey to reconnect with nature, and surrendering to traditional spa treatments using local ingredients. Life affirming and rejuvenating, this immersion in Balinese culture will share the lessons passed down through the generations on the Island of the Gods. 

AMANOI, Vietnam 

Surrounded by Nui Chua National Park on the shores of Vinh Hy Bay on Vietnam’s southern coast, Amanoi is a clifftop hideaway, affording supreme levels of peace, privacy and a sense of place, its secluded setting making it particularly suited to immersive wellness retreats. 

Embracing terraced lawns on the shores of a lotus-filled lake, Amanoi’s spa provides five double treatment rooms, two hydrotherapy suites, outdoor relaxation pavilions and a finishing salon. Two Spa Houses offer the ultimate wellness experience in consummate privacy. Both offer a double treatment room, 15m pool, Jacuzzi, cold plunge pool, steam room, ice fountain, relaxation deck, outdoor dining area and one or two guest pavilions. 

Outdoor mineral hot sprint and day beds

Holistic Detox Retreat 

21-27 September 2019 

Designed to detox and revitalise, this new six-night retreat led by martial arts expert Sascha Wagener combines healthy nutrition, meditation and healing massage treatments with a Qi Gong-based movement course. A pre- arrival assessment with Sascha will ascertain personal goals, and will be followed up with a private consultation during the retreat. 

Founder of the martial arts health centre ‘Mein Temple’ in Dortmund, Germany, Sascha began his martial arts training as a child. As an adult he has travelled extensively through Asia to further his knowledge, training in remote monasteries and temples. 

The Holistic Detox Retreat will include full board, return airport transfers, daily detox juices, a daily two-hour Qi Gong class, three 90-minute spa treatments, two Meridian or Chi Nei Tsang therapy sessions, two group dinners and optional daily morning wellness group classes. 


Overlooking the inspiring temple of Borobudur on the Kedu Plain, one of the most important and historically rich sites in the Buddhist world, Amanjiwo is intrinsically immersed in the spiritual culture of Java. 

View from rice paddles looking at Amanjiwo

Javanese Samadhi Retreat 

23-25 September 2019 

Aiming to help guests discover a sense of purpose and a deeper understanding of themselves, this three-night retreat draws on local shamanic healing, meditation, yoga and an inspirational daily lecture programme to help participants master their inner selves and realise their own unique visions. 

The retreat will be led by Patrick Vanhoebrouck, Amanjiwo’s resident anthropologist; Mas Joko Triagung, a Master Shaman; Pak Sugeng, a Javanese spiritual healer; and Sonia Banuls Rovira, an expert in ancient healing practises and yoga. 


As well as meditation at Borobudur, the retreat will include spiritual excursions to other sacred sites such as the spring on the slopes of Sindoro, a journey to the ruins of Liyangan, ritual bathing in the 9th-century warm-water pool of Candi Umbul, believed to have healing properties; and a visit to Candi Mendut Temple, where Pak Sugeng will explain the ideals of Mahayana Tantrayana Buddhism, as practised by the rulers of Java’s Mataram Dynasty. 

The retreat will also include Pijat massage to release stress and clear negativity, Hatha and Kundalini yoga, lectures on Java’s ancient healing techniques and practices, Semedi and underwater Kungkum meditation, and Jamu herbalism, which combines leaves, roots, seeds and bark to create potions to soothe, reinvigorate and heal physical ailments. 

AMANWANA, Indonesia 

A wilderness camp on the western edge of Moyo Island, Amanwana provides an experience of the natural world at its most diverse. Backed by a nature reserve on the shores of a marine park, Amanwana is the epitome of a tropical island escape where wellbeing can take centre-stage with only nature’s bounty to distract. 

Jungle Cove

Peace and Quiet 

27-29 September 2019 

Modern lifestyles can be all-consuming, with technology ensuring we are always connected and rarely able to escape the demands of work and social media. This three-night retreat aims to completely de-stress, removing the need to be constantly in touch and available, allowing guests to be in the moment. 

Encouraging stillness, lightness and presence, the retreat will include spa treatments in the camp’s open-air Jungle Spa, waterfall hikes, silent nature walks, sunrise and moonlight yoga sessions, guided meditation, and morning pages therapy. Guests will be encouraged to leave their electronic devices in their tents throughout the course of the retreat. 


Perched on East Gros Ventre Butte with awe-inspiring views of the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole, Amangani blends the serenity and strength of its pristine natural setting into its wellness concept and is designed for all seasons – to support skiers in winter and those exploring nature in summer. 

Gani_Exterior & Tetons 1

Meditation in the Mountains 

11-15 October 2019 

This unique spiritual retreat reflects humankind’s search for peace – the main pillar of Aman and the meaning of its Sanskrit-derived name. A profound journey to this elusive state, this five-night retreat will be led by renowned Buddhist monk and mindfulness coach, Geshe YongDong. 

Geshe YongDong will share the ancient lessons of the Bon Tibetan Tradition, gently teaching participants to find peace within. Based on the belief that peace is an internal state of consciousness that promotes true happiness without external motivation, this retreat will be a true journey, with Geshe YongDong guiding individuals through the different stages to achieving this enlightened state of being. These include changing perceptions, letting go and acceptance, as well as achieving the union of compassion and wisdom, healing anger and living mindfully. 

Born in Tibet in 1969, Geshe YongDong became a monk at just seven years of age. A gifted scholar and musician, he was awarded the Rajampa Geshe Degree – the highest degree in Tibetan monastic education – in 1992. He also studied and practiced under H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama, receiving numerous empowerments. In 2001, Geshe YongDong moved to Vancouver Island in Canada, from where he has taught philosophy and YungDrung Bon Buddhism – one of only a handful of masters in the tradition worldwide – ever since. 

The retreat will include twice-daily meditation including breath work and Tsa Lung practice, as well as a 90- minute therapeutic spa treatment, and one hike. 

Amanbagh, India – Main Swimming Pool


Available year round, Aman’s immersive retreats are designed for transformation and balance every aspect of one’s health. Uniquely tailored programmes and expert guidance at Amanoi, Amanemu, Amanpuri and Amanbagh offer pathways to change and purification in some of the world’s most beautiful destinations, where local spa rituals are integrated with indigenous ingredients, a profoundly therapeutic touch, and a gentle sense of joy and discovery. 

Designed to promote profound change, Amanoi’sthree Individual Wellness Immersions include Detox & Cleansing, Weight Management & Transformation, and Mindfulness & Stress Management. Each day of an Immersion is personalised, and includes three specialist therapy and movement sessions (an extensive offering ranges from holistic stretching to craniosacral therapy, Reiki and life coaching), a 90-minute spa treatment, and guided meditation and group movement sessions including Pilates and yoga classes. 

Nutrient-rich hot-springs make Amanemua curative and restorative onsen retreat on the forested coastline of Honshu, Japan. The region around Amanemu is historically one of pilgrimage and purification and it is this landscape that informs Amanemu’s four Individual Wellness Immersions – Beauty & Slow-Ageing, Detox & Cleansing, Mindfulness & Stress Management, and Recovery & Recuperation. These programmes draw on specialised Japanese therapies to address digestive health with a detoxing cleanse, manage stress to enjoy a more mindful existence, tackle ageing from every angle or enable recovery and recuperation. Each Immersion is personalised based on in-depth consultations and include personal movement and specialist therapy sessions, onsen sessions and complete nutritional support with personally curated wellness menus. 

Amanpuri, Thailand – Yoga

Amanpuriis the brand’s first resort to provide medical services and is also the first Aman to provide Intensive Wellness Immersions – individual programmes with prescribed medical treatments tailored to an individual’s needs. The new Intensive Wellness Immersions aim to deliver results-oriented, personalised programmes, and are targeted and tailored to the finest detail. Employing every tool in both the medical and therapeutic wellness repertoires, Intensive Immersions are designed not merely to enhance a guest’s stay but to be its purpose and offer different ‘pathways’: Mindfulness & Stress Management, Weight Management & Transformation and Detox & Cleansing 

Utterly serene in India’s rugged Aravalli Hills, Amanbagh’slush gardens, shaded courtyards and domed cupolas make it an ideal setting for an immersive retreat. Amanbagh’s three Wellness Immersions (Yoga & Mindfulness, Detox & Cleansing, and Ayurveda) are tailored to individual needs and draw on India’s remarkable wellness heritage to inspire and promote meaningful change. Whether detoxing for a new lease on life, expanding yoga and mindfulness practice or embracing the benefits of an Ayurvedic lifestyle, each Immersion is personalised based on in-depth consultations with an in-house Ayurvedic physician. All three Immersion pathways include daily Ayurvedic treatments, nutritious meals and refreshments in line with dosha requirements, expert yoga and meditation classes, and optional group activities.

Coming soon…. 

  • New wellness immersions at Amanzoe in Greece
  • Visiting specialist at Aman Sveti Stefan in Montenegro
  • Journey to Peace retreat at Amantaka in Laos, Amansara in Cambodia, and Amanoi in Vietnam 
  • New fitness retreat at Amanyara in Turks & Caicos 

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