Revealing Iftar with Middle Eastern Charms

Engrafting the holy Ramadhan season with various Middle Eastern to Indonesian breakfasting menu at Botany Restaurant. This year’s celebration would be more exciting, whereas fascinating carving station kambing guling, Friday Barbecue Night and get a special performance of tanoura dance starting from 7 PM are served during the month. 

“As reflecting the Arabian Night as a Ramadan Theme, we try to bring the original Middle Eastern cuisine and also Indonesian cuisine in purpose to sincerely embark the month. In regards to extend the real meaning of Ramadhan and breakfasting, we prepare you some special Middle Eastern menu such as dajaj bil laban batata, shish taouk, samakharra, om ali, mohalabia, basbousa, roz bil halib and Indonesia menu such as ayam bakar padang, rawon daging dengan telur asin, krengsengan sapi, cumi goreng tepung dengan sambal mangga, assorted takjil and jajanan pasar that will surely appetize your tastebud,” said Wanda Gunawan as an Executive Chef.

“We are enlivening the ambience of this year’s Ramadhan season to the next level likewise Hotel and restaurant have been revamped with full thematic Ramadhan decoration, started from lobby to even Botany Restaurant with Arabian embellishment, date palm, bedug, camels or even façade of mosque and trinkets of Arabian lanterns. People can take picture and share the moments with others for sure,” said Gracia Stefani as an Assistant Marketing Communication Manager. 

“Besides the marvelous Ramadhan breakfasting menu collection, Botany Restaurant has cleverly reinvented with additional Alfresco or outdoor area whereas suitable for chilling and enjoying with a natural ambience. There is a connection door with a pool path steps on the fish pond to access the new spot from Indoor restaurant area. Since the alfresco area is especially designed for outdoor sensation, so we will do the traditional way of grilling the kambing guling by keep rotating the handle with the fragrant smoking char from the grill. The reason is to give a refreshment to our guest while celebrating the breakfasting with friends or colleague,” said Navilah Rahmanina as a Food and Beverage Manager. 

For Barbecue lovers, Barbecue night will still be available every Friday night to accompany your breakfasting time during the holy month. Choices of appetizer, salad, soup, main course and even dessert will be served at Botany Restaurant indoor area and you can choose what menu you love most starting from bunch of succulent meat, fresh seafood, juicy chicken and pepes (traditional food wrapped with banana leaf) to be grilled on our Charcoal grill at Alfresco or outdoor Botany Restaurant area. 

Enjoy our Revealing Iftar 2019 collection with only Rp348,000++/person and get special privilege discount 50% for BCA and Mandiri credit card holder during the Ramadhan from Mei 5th– June 4th2019. 

Botany Restaurant and Habitat Lounge is located at Lobby Level, Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran with capacity up to 150 persons for Botany restaurant and 80 persons for Habitat Lounge. Introducing you natural and contemporary dining concept exist to bestow a new vibe and color for culinary seekers surround north Utara district. 

For more information, kindly contact 021-2956 8800 

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