Did You Know?

Cool Fact #1

The ocean-inspired cocktail vessels arespecially crafted for this menu by Kevala Ceramics. 

Cool Fact #2

Our La Mer cocktail features oyster- infused vermouth, made by cleaning, crushing and soaking leftover oyster shells in aromatic fortified wine with freshthymefromourorganicgarden.

Cool Fact #3

Leftover fermented pineapple meat is dried, made into pineapple candy and used as decoration for our Stretched Pineapple cocktail. 

Cool Fact #4

Syrup is created from avocado pits for our Aged Fruit and Black Velvet cocktails. 

Cool Fact #5

Chickpea water replaces egg white to create vegan foamsfor all our sour cocktails. 

Cool Fact #6

An infusion of butterfly pea flower picked from our organic garden is mixed into our Sake, Lychee & Plum Cocktail. 

Cool Fact #7

By fermenting leftover pineapple skin and leaves, we make our own liquid base for our Stretched Pineapple cocktail. 

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