Triathletes Muhammad Taufik, Akhmad Jukardi and Kelly Tandiono Start Rhino X-Tri 2018

The national athlete Muhammad Taufik and Akhmad Jukardi, along with supermodel Kelly Tandiono, joined other athletes at the starting line of the swimming race in the Bull, Rhino and Eagle categories of Rhino Cross Triathlon 2018, Indonesia’s first cross triathlon  open competition. Managing Director of PT  Banten West Java (the authority of Tanjung Lesung Special Tourism and Economic Zone) and Chief of OC, Rully Lasahido, accompanied by Head of Tourism Office of Banten Province, Eneng Nurcahyati, waved the flag at the starting line at Tanjung Lesung Beach.

The national athlete Muhammad Taufik said that hus target at this year’s Rhino X-Tri is to reach the top three and that his best chance of winning would come from the running. Another seeded athlete,  Akhmad Jukardi said he also targeted to reach the podium. His preparation included twice weekly rigorous bicycle training. The supermodel who is also a triathlon enthusiast,Kelly Tandiono saidthat she was excited to participate in this year’s Rhino X-Tri, despite limited preparation. This will he her first experience taking part in cross-country mountain bike lintas alam race. Kelly was sure the experience will be very exciting and memorable.

Kelly Tandiono

More than 200 people participated in RhinoCross Triathlon 2018, with 114 athletes from Indonesia took part in MTB XC and Rhino X-Tri had 89 athletes originating from seven countries: the US, Spain, the Netherlands, France, New  Zealand and Japan, besides those from Indonesia. Rhino X-Tri features three categories: Eagle which comprises 1500-meter swimming, 30-kilometer cross-country bike race and 15-kilometer cross-country running.

Muhammad Taufik and Akhmad Jukardi

The Rhino category pits the athletes in 1000-meter swimming, 20-kilometer cross-country bikerace and 10-kilometer cross-country running.The Bull category features 500-meter swimming, 10-kilometer cross-country bicycle race and five-kilometer cross-country  running. Meanwhile, the Rhino Mountain Bike XCM hasthe categories: Men Elite, Women Open, Men Open and Men Master.


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