Make it September to Remember

AVIARY Bintaro welcomes September by offering the best culinary choices for you to remember only at Starling Eater. For the chef choices of the month, we present special menus food and beverages of the month.

Exotic Rendang is a spicy beef originally from Padang, the capital of the province of West Sumatra. This Exotic Rendang flourished with spices, along with the main beef ingredient, turmeric leaves, lemon grass, garlic, chilis and served with modern plating. Find the different taste to enjoy additional dishes like French fries, Mashed potatoes or even Rice. Find out our Exotic Rendang and have a great experience with only Rp80.000nett.

Pan Seared Red Snapper with Sambal Matah

Special Balinese recipes for Pan Seared Red Snapper with Sambal Matah will bring Bali at your service. Taste the red snapper mixed with red chili, lemon grass and combine with lime juice served with Asian garnish, mashed potato and green oil. Set aside with thinly sliced garlic, red onion and red chili as the Sambal Matah. This special Red Snapper will tell you more about the taste with only Rp 80.000nett.

Pulled Loaded Nachos

Make a perfect starter for your snack time with Pulled Loaded Nachos loaded with cheesy sauce, minced beef, coriander leaf, red big tomatoes and slices of pineapple to name a few !! it’s a party for your mouth. Taste our special loaded nachos with only Rp80.000nett.

Caramalized Snowy

Caramelized Snowy is an exciting drink treat in this month of September. Only with Rp40.000 ++ / glass you may enjoy the ice blended mixed with fresh milk, ice, creamy and caramel syrup. Added with marshmallow, chocolate biscuit and caramel syrup on top that makes your tongue to sway.

It’s all about coffee!! Only Rp38.000++/glass a Ginger Honey Coffee combination with black coffee, honey, natural sweetness and ginger will starts your day right!

Ginger Honey Coffee

Fly Free Day is our regular event held every 3rd week of the month in conjunction with Car Free Day around Bintaro. Our purpose is to educate all the guest with animals and their environment. This month will be held on Sunday, 16 September 2018. At the outdoor parking area at 06.00-09.00 WIB by inviting the animal community PETVaganza and Feel Good Space will rock your Sunday morning as one of our sport activities. After workout, don’t forget to get our delicious All You Can Eat Buffet Breakfast for only Rp99.000nett / person.

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