Hanamaru Udon Brings to Indonesia The Legendary Sanuki Udon

One of Japan’s Biggest Udon Restaurant Chain Ready to Open its First Outlet in At Lippo Mall Puri, Serving Flavor-Rich Udon for Japanese Food Enthusiasts

Hanamaru Udon, one of the biggest udon restaurant chain in Japan is now present at Lippo mall Muri, Jakarta, 32 August 2018. Hanamaru Udon is ready to spoil Indonesians with its special udon dishes. The restaurant carries a modern charm taking its inspiration from the Fall Season in Japan, along with a line of Fushimi Inari gates. The restaurant serves the legendary Sanuki udon, complete with diverse choices of tempura and oden.

Sanuki Udon has a reputation of a legendary proportion, in some part due to the specific shape of the ramen and its soft and slippery texture. The noodle feels soft when chewed and slide in easily when swallowed. Udon has become more and more popular nowadays among those who care more about their food intake, as udon is fat-free and trans fat-free and is a good source of carbohydrate. Sanuki Udon is served with Hanamaru Udon special warm soup, which despite its wholesome appearance is full of healthy ingredients.

Hanamaru Udon now has outlets in Shanghai, Qingdao, Fujian, Wuhan, and in Malaysia. — As of late July 2018, IT has 516 outlets in various countries.

Hanamaru Udon was a fast food restaurant chain founded in Takamatsu in 2001. Hanamaru udon is made of flour directly imported from Japan and processed following a strict procedure and exact measurement for the ingredients–all these to ensure the perfect preparation and presentation of our Sanuki udon. In 2010, Hanamaru Udon started its overseas expansion. It now has outlets in Shanghai, Qingdao, Fujian, Wuhan, and in Malaysia. As of late July 2018, Hanamaru Udon has 516 outlets in various countries.

CEO of PT Happy Restaurants Indonesia, Tadao Kato said, “Today is a beautiful and perfect day to announce that Hanamaru Udon has arrived here in Jakarta. We hopeguests will be blessed with happiness when enjoying our Sanuki udon, the same we have always enjoyed it.” Seeing the enthusiasm of Indonesian customers for Japanese food and how many Japanese restaurants experience growth in the country, Kato is confident that Hanamaru Udon will grow also in Indonesia.

Kato related that Hanamaru Udon in Indonesia was different from those operating in other countries, as evidenced in the graphics, food presentation and the interior design of the restaurant. In Japan, Hanamaru Udon is a fast food restaurant where everything is designed to practical; in Indonesia, however, details are everything and are well-thought of.  Kato observed that the market in Indonesia presents its own challenges. The restaurateur not only is expected to serve delectable dishes, but also offer captivating interior design, eye-catching food presentation and fun services.

Hanamaru added that Hanamaru is in the process of obtaining halal certificate so that the guests can enjoy the food contentedly. “We invite all Indonesians to come to Hanamaru Udon outlet and enjoy the happiness our bowl of udon can offer,” T. Kato teased.

Vriska Virginia, General Manager of PT. Happy Restaurants Indonesia said, “It is our sincerest hope that Indonesian foodies will accept Hanamaru Udon. We have planned to reach more people in Jakarta. In 2018, we are planning to open three outlets.“ Delicious foods, reasonable price and easily reached locations add to Hanamaru Udon’s confidence to win the hearts and palates of Japanese food lovers in Indonesia.

“Our target is to open 50 outlets in five years. We believe by having many branches, not only can we reach as many customers as possible, but we can also compete with other Japanese restaurants that have established themselves here before us. May the name Hanamaru Udon find a place in many Japanese food lovers in Indonesia,” enthused Vriska Virginia.

Hanamaru Udon outlet at Lippo Mal Puri is for operation and will serve the whole range of Sanuki udon dishes to customers starting 5 September 2018.

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