Tauzia’s 17th Anniversary

Celebrates Guests Loyalty & Harris Hotels New Generation

TAUZIA Hotels, a prominent hotel management company with a portfolio of 122 hotels across multiple brands namely Preference, Harris Vertu, HARRIS, FOX Harris, YELLO and POP, is celebrating 17 years of business. From its small, 2001 beginnings in Jakarta, Indonesia, it has grown into an international network expanding to other countries in ASEAN.

During a media luncheon to celebrate this exciting milestone, TAUZIA introduces HARRIS Hotels new generation.

The third generation of its kind, it takes on a refreshed tagline, ​Stay Bright​. It derives from a constant endeavor to stay forward and to bring brightness to its guest in every visit.

HARRIS new generation is moreover on tech-savvy mindset, it stays fit with everyday healthy lifestyle along with being mobile and efficient. It is characterized by communal open-space lobby, wellness center and the brand new integrated grab-and-go outlet, co-living and co-working space within the cutting edge ON THE MOVE by HARRIS, a lobby concept

“We are grateful to our guests for their loyalty & their great interest in the creativity of our array of brands to meet their needs,” said Marc Steinmeyer, Founder of TAUZIA Hotels, “Therefore in this 17th anniversary today, we give away 8.000 bonus points to the first 100 loyal guests who are registered in our loyalty program members and book our rooms through our online reservation channel.”

As a homegrown hotel management company, TAUZIA also shares a mission to promote cultural diversity in hospitality by bringing Batik to its expanding portfolio. Starting 2019, TAUZIA will implement Batik Uniform in all hotels. The timeless batik pattern is aligned with its Simple-Unique-Friendly philosophy and TAUZIA corporate brand identity and is an exclusive collaboration with the renown Batik House, Danar Hadi.

A trunk show with TAUZIA Hotels employees is presented as part of the anniversary event to introduce the signature Batik pattern from various area in Indonesia in a vibrant green color.

“This new uniform represents the work of thousands of TAUZIA team members who perform the very crucial task of ensuring high quality guests experience everyday. For this reason, we think it is necessary to guarantee the utmost comfort and well-being in addition to local culture during their daily activity, and the collaboration with Danar Hadi brings prestige to TAUZIA,” added Marc Steinmeyer.

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