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Happy 20th Birthday Chuflay Bar Restaurant!

This year, the iconic restaurant located in the famous Piazzetta of Portofino turns 20. The hotel will be celebrating two decades of delicious food in style on 16th June. In the evening there will be an exclusive aperitif party and a special dinner in the heart of the Piazzetta, with music, dancers and special surprises.

During the evening, guests will have the chance to taste local products from the Mount of Portofino with special show cooking displays – and for an authentic foodie indulgence experience, a pesto and focaccia tasting with our talented Executive Chef Roberto Villa is sure to hit the spot. The flavours of every dish on the menu will be accentuated by Ferrari Trentodoc sparkling wine.

An exceptional dining experience in a private lighthouse.

In Portofino, we keep a silent watch over the sea in a private corner of the Portofino lighthouse, which has become a veritable beacon of attraction for locals, visitors and international VIPs alike. A perfect escape to a unique destination where people, nature and geography have joined forces to create unparalleled magic. Starting out from Portofino’s square andclimbing towards the peninsula, guests will reach the famous lighthouse, the very tip of the territory, from wherea breath-taking view can be enjoyed.

Here guests will find the ideal setting for unforgettable Italian aperitifs, a special dinner curated by Executive Chef Corrado Corti anddeliciously light fare. A wonderfully isolated private terrace waits them, tables draped inwhitelinen and a clear view of Tigullio Gulf. This is the magic offered by Belmond Hotel Splendido for the new season.

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