Wood 1820, Restaurant in New Hotel Golden Tulip Passer Baroe

In the Pasar Baru area of ​​Central Jakarta, there is a new restaurant located on the 7th floor of Golden Tulip Passer Baroe hotel that features a comfortable area with views of Jakarta from above, this all-day-dining concept restaurant serves a variety of delicious dishes from Asian to Western.


Ayam Geprek

Wood 1820, the name of this restaurant is taken in accordance with the concept of the restaurant and the history and the birth of Pasar Baru, where the New Market area which became the Golden Tulip Passer Baroe location was established in 1820. While ‘Wood’ was chosen to be a restaurant interior concept that is dominated by wood elements. The restaurant at the Golden Tulip Passer Baroe hotel that has the tagline “Playtime.Anytime.” is also combined with the choice of seats with vibrant colors.

Cendol Mint

Wood 1820, which opened on March 1, 2018, serves delicious delicacies and flavorful flavors of herbs and spices. This April, Wood 1820 has an interesting promo for a variety of chicken dishes menu, with the theme “Traditional Chicken Selection”with only Rp 85,000 net / portioncan enjoy the choice of tasteful dishes such as Ayam Goreng Kalasan, Ayam Geprek, Ayam Krispi and Ayam Bakar Kemangi, all menu choices cooked with special Indonesian spice herbs served with vegetables and white rice.

For a whole month, Wood 1820 also offers a promo parade of mocktails, Drink Feast, consisting of Dreamland (mixed apples, vanilla, passion fruit, lime, pineapple, ginger and grenadine syrup), Boom Pop (made from strawberry, lemon, soda water and magic pop), and Cendol Mint (cendol combined with coconut cream, jackfruit, simple syrup and mint leaves)this refreshing beverage selection can be enjoyed starting from Rp 54,000 net / glass.

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