Conscious Travel with Alila Hotels and Resorts

Alila Hotels & Resorts has been advocates in sustainable tourism since its inception in 2002, going by its business philosophy of integrating Commerce, Conservation and Community towards “Conscious Travel”. Each hotel helps travelers to enjoy an exquisite stay whilst benefitting and bettering the local community.

Offering initiatives such as cleaning the beach at Alila Manggis and implementing bamboo straws at Alila Ubud, or in bottling their own mineral water at Alila Villas Uluwatu as part of the anti-plastic movement, creating organic gardens in Solo and planting more trees in Jakarta to helping the local communities in Oman and Bali, Alila Hotels & Resorts is committed to creating a better environment for future generations.


Alila is striving towards zero waste to landfill, with the Bali resorts targeting to achieve the milestone this year and duplicating the model at other Alila resorts in the coming years. Plastics are flooding the world’s oceans and causing irrevocable damage to aquatic life and its landscape and travelers are more aware now than ever. Alila has been championing the campaign to end the flow of plastic into the oceans, which is a prevalent issue today.


On the 28th of each month, Alila Manggis collaborates with local scuba diving center – Zen Dive Bali – to ‘Dive Against Debris’ at the Alila Reef. Guests are invited to join trained divers to remove underwater debris such as plastic bottles and bags. This commitment also asks that travelers identify and document everything that is seen underwater as part of a long-term effort to manage marine debris and clean up the Alila Manggis’ homegrown reef. The hope is that this initiative will grow into an inspiring coral reef story that can encourage more to strive towards a clean, healthy and abundant ocean.

Rates at Alila Manggis start from US$131 per room, based on two people sharing on a B&B basis and includes one snorkeling trip to Blue Lagoon & Alila Hospitalities.


Over 500 million plastic straws are used around the world every day, which is only adding to the already devastating amount of plastic pollution in the ocean. Alila Ubud has introduced a program that will gift every guest with a Bamboo Straw at the beginning of their stay. The initiative is designed to provide travellers with a sustainable way to drink and stop the overconsumption of disposable, single-use plastic straws.

The tensile strength of Bamboo makes it one of nature’s most durable natural materials and the bamboo-kun makes it naturally resistant to bacteria; both ideal and vital properties in a reusable straw. This eco- conscious strategy brings guests toexplore the rainforest at Alila Ubud and proactively contribute to the clean-up of the woods.

Rates at Alila Ubud start from US$280 on a B&B basis.


Since 2014 Alila Villas Uluwatu has invested in an initiative to produce its own bottled water using a water purification system designed by Eco Pure Waters. Guests can now quench their thirst with fresh drinking water that has been filtered and bottled in reusable glass bottles right here on the resort premises.

The implementation of this initiative will not only significantly reduce plastic bottle consumption and pollution from disposal but also reduce the costs and carbon emissions generated by transporting bottled mineral water to the resort.

Rates at Alila Villas Uluwatu start from US$725 on a B&B basis.


By planting trees with local schools, Alila Jakarta is helping to reduce carbon dioxide and other pollution emissions in Jakarta. The aim is to educate younger generations on the importance of protecting the earth, as well as proactively providing ways for them to do this.

At Alila Solo, the business resort created organic gardens at its rooftops which serves as part of its green staple in their restaurants – a good example of cultivating green environments in the city.


Situated in the heart of the bustling Indonesian city, Alila Jakarta is a haven of relaxation whilst also providing an abundance of culture and charm. Last year, to celebrate Earth Day, the resort participated in a tree planting activity at a local primary school. Top management at Alila Jakarta along with the Principal, teachers and students all planted 280 trees in the courtyard of Pasar Baru 01 Primary School. This conscious activity was

carried out primarily to protect and care for the future of the next young generation. Planting more trees on earth will have a big, positive impact on the environment and subsequently better the conditions for future generations to grow and prosper.

Rates at Alila Jakarta start from US$56 per night based on two people sharing.


Rising above Solo’s main commercial avenue, Alila Solo offers a luxurious stay in this heritage-steeped city. As the tallest building in town, Alila Solo wants to lead a good examples for city hotel. Following the four Bali resorts, Alila Solo set an organic garden at their roof tops which will provide fresh and organic ingredient to their restaurants.

Rates at Alila Solo start from US$56 per night based on two people sharing.


Renowned for its unique destination experiences, Alila proudly positions itself as a hotel brand with strong ethos in supporting – and giving back to – the local community. In booking the Gift-to-Share package, guests at Alila Jabal Akhdar will be supporting the Omani Women’s Association. This volunteer-based charity plays a key role in enabling women to achieve their potential through vocational training.


Alila Jabal Akhdar is strongly committed to support sustainable tourism. The resort aims to respect and preserve the life and traditions of local communities but also give back and contribute in any way possible.To this end, the resort implements the Gift-to-Share programme which encourages guests to make charitable donations directly from their dining or accommodation bills. The funds will go to the Omani Women’s Association in Al Jabal Al Akhdar, a non-profit charity that assists women to achieve their potential. Visitors to the Alila

resort may also contribute to community improvements or donate towards basic education and vocational skills for women, so that they can break the poverty cycle. These invaluable skills will provide local women employment which will subsequently increase the city’s income and worth.

Rates at Alila Jabal Akhdar start from US$679 per suite based on two people sharing, on a half-board basis.


Alila Seminyak created ‘Bali Coins’ – a fundraising program that aims to build a brighter future for Bali’s poor, disadvantaged and orphaned children by providing financial support for kids’ general health, wellbeing and education, as well as create greater awareness among families and communities of critical health risks, prevention and care.

Guests can contribute to Bali Coins through the resort’s F&B outlets, where the price of selected menu items includes an amount to be contributed to the program. This year the funds collected will be donated 100% to Alila Seminyak and Jemme’s most prestigious annual event, The Bali Ball, which will next be held in October 2018. Into its 6th year, The Bali Ball has already raised over $500,000, which has supported many vital charitable organizations, such as Bali Kids, Bali Medika, Bali Children Foundation, and Yayasan Samaratania.

Rates at Alila Seminyak start from US$325 per suite based on two people sharing, on a B&B basis.


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