Nihi Sumba Island Introduces Freediving Experience

Nihi Sumba Island (Nihiwatu) has introduced a freediving experience to explore the dynamic waters off the coast of Nihi with freediving specialist Augusto Vegas in residence from now until 18th October 2017.

As the creator of Survival Apnea, Augusto’s courses teach guests from beginner level to the experienced diver through a series of physiology, self-awareness and mindfulness exercises.

The freediving packages include:

Survival Apnea “The Basics” Course

Learn the secrets surfers and freedivers use to maintain self-awareness and self-control when dealing with challenging situations in the Ocean.

  • 6-hour course divided into three 2-hour sessions
  • USD 400
  • Topics covered: Physiology and breathing and breath holding exercises, mammalian dive reflex, self-awareness / mindfulness, dry and pool exercises to put in practise what was covered in class

Survival Apnea “Breathe for Health & Performance” Course

Raise awareness on how breathing affects your health and performance. And learn simple and effective technics to improve your breathing skills, both for day to day life and / or during physical activities.

  • 2-hour course
  • USD 150
  • Topics covered: Urge to breath, hyperventilation, physiology and practise of breathing and breath holding exercises, self-awareness / mindfulness, nose breathing vs mouth breathing

Training Sessions

Take Survival Apnea course into action and practice with training sessions, either on land or in the pool.

  • 1-hour training session (dry and/or pool)
  • USD 95

In addition to the specific courses, Augusto also provides:

  • Freediving Beginners
  • Freediving Advanced
  • Freediving Training Sessions
  • Spearfishing Fundamentals
  • Spearfishing Outings

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