TAUZIA Hotels Celebrating 16 Years Anniversary

TAUZIA Hotels is celebrating its 16 anniversary this year having first started in operations in August 2001. To commemorate the event it held “Friendly lunch with TAUZIA”, August 8, 2017, with media friends aligned with its Simple – Unique – Friendly hospitality concept.

Sixteen years ago, the beginning of TAUZIA Hotels created a new type of hospitality through its first brand, HARRIS Hotels. It is more than just a hotel, it is a concept, a brand, a healthy lifestyle. HARRIS Hotels pure white with a touch of orange make for a cool, fun and spirited atmosphere. A midscale hotel brand promoting a happier, healthier and humble place to stay when away from home.

A few years later TAUZIA introduced Preference, an upscale discreet luxury label with a unique array of of hotels selected for their authentic charm. However to anticipate the booming of budget hotels the focus of TAUZIA shifted to POP Hotels, launched in 2010.Budget hotels for the cost conscious, smart and eco-friendly travelers perfectly fitted to the emerging new social category, looking for efficient and affordable accommodations.

To stay in the frontline of creative hospitality, TAUZIA then launched YELLO Hotels in 2013. YELLO Hotels has strong emphasis on urban art and technology, it provides new experience for an economy hotel targeted to Netizens.

The latest addition to the ever growing TAUZIA’s collection of brands is Harris Vertu, announced last January 2017. Celebrating the joy of life, Harris Vertu creates an experience that is fresh, stylish and surprisingly simple. Positioned as an upscale hotel brand, it promotes well being and social vibe for modern value-savvy business and leisure travelers.

Over the past 16 years, TAUZIA has successfully grown its unconventional brand approach represented by currently 51 hotels in operations across Indonesia with more than 60 projects in the pipeline by 2022 expanding to Malaysia and Vietnam.

“As I look ahead, it is our aspiration to continue to be the maverick – nonconformist in hospitality. The travelers landscape is changing, the lifestyle is changing even faster, we need to make bold moves to answer the demands of the current but also for future travelers,” said Marc Steinmeyer, President Director of TAUZIA Hotels.

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