Alila Seminyak Achieves Earth-check Bronze Status

In recognition of its environmentally sustainable operations that help preserve its natural surrounds and cultural heritage, Alila Seminyak has been accredited with the EarthCheck Bronze status. EarthCheck operates the world’s most scientifically rigorous environmental benchmarking program for the travel and tourism industry, measuring key indicators such as energy and water consumption, total waste production and community commitment, to provide a holistic picture of operational performance.

From the outset, Alila Seminyak has put sustainability at the forefront, obtaining the highest level of accreditation from EarthCheck for its Building Planning and Design Standard prior to opening. Sensitive site planning, use of local building materials, and the incorporation of environmental, energy and resource- efficient systems are integral to its design.

The resort’s extensive labyrinth of green corridors and natural landscaping with rooftop pools and gardens creates a green environment that contributes to the reduction of energy consumption. Low energy light fixtures, rainwater harvesting, environmental and building management systems have been implemented. In addition, at the resort’s F&B outlets, menus are created using fresh locally sourced products, while no plastic packaging is used at all.

Along with Alila’s other properties in Bali, Alila Seminyak has also adopted the ‘Alila Zero Waste to Landfill’ project. The initiative was implemented in response to the rising environmental threat to Bali’s farmlands and watercourses caused by greenhouse gases leaching from landfill sites. Alila Seminyak’s PIONEER (Positive Impact on Nature, Environment and Earth’s Resources) team is responsible for upholding the zero waste-to-landfill status and to ensure that Alila, fulfils its mission.

As part of this initiative, Alila will be investing in an Integrated Sustainable Resource Recovery Facility (iSuRRF) and laboratory where all waste will be sorted and diverted through a series of simple yet proven technical, biological and engineering systems. For instance, discarded plastics like wraps and films could be converted into a light green crude oil to be distilled down to diesel, kerosene and gasoline for reuse in the hotels. A full organic waste composting system will be implemented in each hotel, as well as a permaculture organic garden to help develop sustainable and self-sufficient agricultural ecosystems.

Due to the site constrain at Alila Seminyak, the resort has designed its own mechanical composter, in place of an organic waste composting system, to process all food and land waste on the property. Having completed comprehensive training in permaculture design, Alila Seminyak’s Permaculture Team has converted the rooftop walkway between blocks into a permaculture garden, whichhas succeeded in growing fresh produce. The resort is also testing out a pilot aquaponics project, which integrates aquaculture and hydroponics, to support its commitment in achieving Zero Waste status by 1 September 2017.

Beyond managing waste generated within its own operations, Alila Seminyak’s PIONEER team is also looking at initiatives that encourage greater awareness and better waste management among local village communities, such as incentivising waste collection at the village schools.

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