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Delectable Moon Cake for Mid-Autumn Festival at JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta

“To celebrate this year’s Mid-Autumn festival, Pearl Chinese Restaurant at JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta once again offers its legendary moon cakes.  Known as the best in town, the moon cakes are available from now until September 22, 2013.  Our moon cake is the must-have item to pass on the good luck to your friends, family and colleagues”, said John Chu, Executive Chinese Chef.

The Mid-Autumn festival is one of the 4 most-important festivals in China. This celebration falls in the 15th day of 8th month in Chinese calendar. This year, Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated on September 19, 2013. Based on the legendtold centuries ago, moon cake was believed as a gift to the Moon’s Goddess. Moreover, people presented moon cakes when the moon was at it’s full to the Goddess of the Moon. The tradition of eating moon cake has been celebrated since ancient times especially during the Zhou Dynasty. On the Mid-Autumn, big incense was put on a table along with all kinds of food as an offering to the Goddess. However, appreciating the moon became more popular in the Tang and Song Dynasties. Many famous poems for praising the moon on the night of the festival were created during those periods. During the Ming Dynasty, the Moon Altar was built for the purpose of offerings to the moon on the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Today, the offerings have been replaced by a simple appreciation to the moon. Members of a family usually sit around a table eating and talking to their heart content and at the same time admiring the bright moon. While looking up the moon, people will think of their relatives afar and good wishes are expressed in their mind.

As the tradition is also celebrated in the city, JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta has prepared a flavorful season of delicious baked moon cakes. A wide range of  traditional flavors is available for guests to choose from such as white lotus with single or double egg yolk, green tea paste, red bean paste and black sesame with egg yolk. Made with all natural ingredients without any preservatives and artificial sweetener, our moon cakes will be an excellent gift to share with your family, friends and colleagues.

Moon cake is a round-shaped or square-shaped cake with a diameter of 10 cm and 4-5 cm thick. Its beautifully baked thin skin creates a brown shimmery color with dense paste inside. The top of the cake is usually decorated with Chinese ornaments such as flower, roots, rabbit or even Goddess of the Moon On the top of its, usually people mold Chinese character such as. This cake then cut into some pieces and enjoyed with warm beverages such as Chinese tea.

Traditional moon cake is made with hand without using any artificial sugar and preservatives. Instead of using machine, wood molds are better to make this legendary moon cake.

Chef John Chu shared his expertise in making the perfect traditional moon cake “Bake moon cake for minimum of 20 minutes, so that the moon cake could last for more than two weeks. Don’t touch the cake with your bare hand and use gloves instead, to prevent spreading of the bacteria,” he explained.

JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta has prepared a box with 4 pieces of large moon cakes price at Rp 398.000+ and box with 6 pieces of small moon cakes price at Rp 388.000+. Share your prosperous wishes while admiring the bright moon with the experience of the best moon cake in town!

For order inquiry and information, please call (021) 5798 8992.

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