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IT is indeed not easy to carry forward the esteemed reputation of one’s parents. That is why it took a long time for Indira Abidin to decide on joining PT Fortune Indonesia Tbk., an advertising and public relations (PR) company established by her parents, Indra and Miranti Abidin.

Before graduating from the School of Economics at the University of Indonesia she worked for two years as an assistant to VP Communications at AIESEC Indonesia, which is also in the public relations and communications industry. After graduating in 1995, she went to the United States for further education.

“When I was in Massachusetts, the United States, I was urged again to join Fortune, and in September 2001 I gave in and agreed to be appointed as corporate secretary in the company that had been established by, among others, my own father,” she said. “And I have been working here ever since,” she added laughingly. Indira is the eldest of three children.

Besides her interest and talent in communications, in 1999 Indira also studied at Boston University taking the International Education Development Program course and then worked as a research assistant with Boston Medical Group for almost two years.

She uses her education and experience gained over all these years in working for Fortune Indonesia Tbk. A pioneer in Indonesia’s advertising industry, Fortune has gained vast experience and acknowledgment from various institutions including the UN, World Bank, Indonesian government, Nestle, Honda and other multinationals, for its impactful campaigns. “I cannot blame people when they treat me with less respect or think that I got my position due to my parents. But all this spurs me on to always achieve more,” said Indira, whose full name is Indira Ratna Dewi Abidin.

Fortune was established in 1970 by seven people, one of whom was Indra Abidin. The company has five business units: Advertising (PT Fortune Indonesia, 1970), PR (PT Fortune Pramana Rancang, 1984), exhibitions (PT Fortune Adri Cipta, 1978), travel marketing (PT Fortune Travindo, 1989) and another advertising agency (PT Pelita Alam Bahana, 1981). All these units are under the umbrella of PT Fortune Indonesia Tbk.

In Fortune Indonesia Tbk Indira indeed did not have a major role, but by dint of her talent, ideas and hard work in January 2004 she was appointed managing director of PR, a subsidiary of Fortune Indonesia Tbk that has not gone public. “I’m a blessed mother and wife, doing my best for my husband and daughter; a PR consultant wishing for the betterment of Indonesia; and the managing director of Fortune PR, fighting for the development of all family members at Fortune PR,” said Indira, the wife of Siraj El Munir Bustami and the mother of daughter Hana Nabila.

Her current position is far from comfortable because she is challenged to come up with new ideas amid tough business competition. However she proves through the creative communication programs that Fortune PR can help its clients achieve their targets. Through the program called “Ayo Sekolah” (Let’s go to school) Indira was given the Indonesia Innovative and Creative Award by the Industry Ministry, presented by the Capital Investment Coordinating Agency (BKPM) and International Business Corporation.

“Of course I feel happy, but getting the award was not my goal, because being creative and innovative is part of my daily work. I work in public relations so we have to be creative and innovative for each client’s job,” she said.

In 2010 Fortune PR, based on a survey conducted by Mix magazine was named The Best of The Best PR Agency, The Most Recommended PR Agency and The Best Target Market Insight due to its creative concepts, effective strategy, understanding its clients’ business and consumers as well as its teamwork.

“To us, communications is a result-oriented business, built on the principle of employing the highest grade specialist skills to provide top performance in all aspects. We are dedicated to providing our clients with high quality service,” said Indira who has 15 employees working under her.

Many major companies entrust Fortune PR with their public relations work, some of which are listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange including: PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk, PT Aneka Tambang Tbk, PT Benakat Petroleum Tbk, PT Kertas Basuki Rachmat Indonesia Tbk, PT Truba Jaya Engineering Tbk, D-Link, Roche, Bayer and many more.

Recently Indira has been diligently working on PR programs that are related to corporate social responsibility (CSR). The latest one is Klik Hati (Click your heart) for pharmaceutical company PT Merck Tbk. The pharmaceutical company is aware of the importance of CSR and the company’s concern, care and contribution to its environment and the surrounding communities.

Celebrating its anniversary of 40 years’ existence in Indonesia the company, headquartered in Germany, also launched a number of programs to boost social concern on Facebook and Twitter. Through the company’s Klik Hati Award it shows appreciation for individuals or communities engaged in humanitarian work via the social media. “With their consistent efforts they have had an expansive impact and have become an inspiration for many people,” said Indira.

There are many PR consultants in Indonesia, both old and new faces. But Fortune PR, commented Indira, is supported by highly professional and experienced staff specializing in PR.

Fortune PR Indonesia also has an international network, and is a part of WorldCom Public Relations Group, which is an association of PR firms with a network on all continents. Fortune PR also collaborates with Ketchum and Citigate-Dewe Rogerson in handling various clients in Indonesia. “But of course creativity and client satisfaction is the key to our company’s success,” said Indira. (Burhan Abe)

The Jakarta Post, May 02, 2011

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