Ambon Offers Beautiful and Alluring Beaches

Ambon Manise, the tagline of Ambon meaning “Beautiful Ambon,” is really meaningful when you see and enjoy the beauty of the beaches along the city’s coast. For beach enthusiasts, a trip to Ambon is a great choice. Ambon, the capital of Maluku, has the beaches of Natsepa, Marthafhons Cape, Pintu Kota and Liang, which are very attractive. For those taking short trip, like a weekend break, visiting Ambon is a pleasant experience.

A spot within easy reach of the city is Tanjung Marthafons or Marta Alfons Cape, which is located slightly across from the city of Ambon. Visitors can rent a traditional boat from a fisherman or take a ferry to reach the cape in minutes. In Tanjung Marthafons, visitors are spoiled by the view of a bay with a beautiful sandy beach. Although it is popular among locals, the beauty of the Tanjung Marthafons always attracts photographers. The cape is stunning from any angle for any lenses and for any eyes.

Those staying in Ambon can take a 40-kilometer drive to Central Maluku. During the approximately 30-minute drive, visitors can enjoy a green vista on the right and left sides of the road heading to Liang Beach, which is also known as Hunumua Beach. Shortly before arriving at the beach, visitors can stop by at Natsepa Beach, where many vendors and warung sell fresh fruit and rujak (savory fruit salad). Although the road to Natsepa and Liang is not very wide, it is smooth and flat, making for a comfortable ride.

Liang Beach is famous for its white sand that always tempts visitors to stay longer to play and simply relax and enjoy the blue ocean. It is one of the favorite beaches in Ambon, so it’s packed with local tourists on national holidays. But anyone visiting the place can still take pleasure in the beauty of Liang Beach.

In addition to the beach, Liang also offers great underwater experiences. Just 50 meters from the shore is a hidden underwater garden. Both snorkeling and diving provide an incredible experience. This beach was categorized as the most beautiful beach in Indonesia by an international body in 1990.

The stunning landscape at Liang Beach is actually a simple choice but it has excellent pleasures beyond imagination, mixed with various dazzling tourist attractions offered by Ambon. Ambon authorities have tried their bests to develop the tourist sector and have opened the doors to investors to collaborate in developing the natural splendors. (Lestari Nurhayati)

The Jakarta Post, May 24, 2010

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