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THE Singapore’s success in the medical industry is nothing new to many Indonesians. But getting the most out of Singapore’s high-quality health services is something that many Indonesians have yet to comprehend. “We are talking about the collaboration of top-notch medical services and lifestyle that eases medical procedures from making appointments to organizing full medical travel arrangements,” said Peter Seow, CEO of Singapore’s Red Carpet Pte Ltd, during a recent visit to Jakarta.

Seow has been at the helm of Red Carpet Pte Ltd since it founding in 2007. The company focuses on relationship marketing within a global network of high-end businesses. Among its clients are major credit card companies, banks, prominent automotive companies and premium retail outlets.

Delivering the most comprehensive high-end medical program is what the company focuses on under the name of Red Carpet Medical. To Seow, delivering top-notch services means more than just the marketing approach. “We need to have an understanding of what our clientele seek in medical treatment. That is a crucial step. It took me and the team more than a year of intensive research to determine what prospective clients need in addition to looking into the potential market upon the establishment of Red Carpet Medical, despite the fact that I knew it had great potential to enhance Singapore’s already well-established medical industry.”

Singaporean citizens and inter-national patients have long benefited from the city-state’s high-quality medical services. Despite being the most notable medical hub in the Asia Pacific, some people still feel that Singapore could improve upon its medical services.

Apart from the high quality medical treatment, scheduling for a doctor’s visit is often inconvenient as appointments are required prior to seeing a specialist or a doctor. Having spread its wings to Indonesia, Red Carpet Medical members get priority to 24-hour secured appointments.

In the other words, every member can set up his or her own schedule at his or her convenience. “Members of the cr*me de la cr*me seeking a five-star medical concierge and premium services from our partners will be likely to ask for lifestyle privileges. You will be greeted by a medical butler to assist you, with airport pickup in a luxury car and drop off at a five-star hotel.

All your medical procedures will also be handled,” Seow explained, citing that Red Carpet Edition collaborates with more than 60 renowned surgeons and specialists. “And we are continually adding more to the list, targeting 200 by early next year.”

Members of Red Carpet Medical traveling to Singapore for medical treatment can also indulge in luxury and a healthy lifestyle before heading home. “They can retreat to the comfort of their room with a gourmet dinner of their choice cooked to their dietary requirements, be pampered with a spa treatment or even go on a shopping spree!” Seow said.

Seow’s success in the entrepreneurial realm stretches back to the early 1990s when he established Audience Communications International, a company specializing in business events, marketing and advertising.

Apart from taking a lead at Red Carpet Edition, Seow is also group executive director of ACI Communications Worldwide, a communications specialist dealing with convention and exhibition organizers. “I started ACI in 1996, and Red Carpet Edition has since 2006 been part of ACI dealing with relationship marketing and the loyalty program.”

To motivate his team, Seow places importance in employee satisfaction, underscoring a number of fundamental factors such as long-term orientation, morale and enthusiasm, respect, training and fair compensation. Due to the uniqueness of the Red Carpet Medical program, hiring the right people is of the utmost importance to provide top quality services to its corporate customers, members and doctors, he added.

Seow believes that instead of just discussing the importance of great customer service, it is even more critical to strengthen and motivate the people who create the quality and deliver the services to the clients through recognition and incentive programs. “My people are my assets and I believe in developing them first . and they will do the rest.”

The top down or directive approach is Seow’s leadership style. It is what most people equate with the term leading by example. “It is the best approach to know the personalities, characteristics, integrity and strengths and weaknesses of my people.”

Keen on learning about cultures, Seow said that his travels meant meeting his clients and looking for more business opportunities. He has correspondingly established strong business connections in the corporate world. Nevertheless, the father of two boys makes sure he puts aside some family time. “Having a nine-hole game of golf at a club, watching a movie or swimming are among our routine weekend activities when I am not traveling.”

In his dictionary, a successful company is one that can enhance its corporate rewards to high net-worth clients. “Red Carpet caters its services to businesses. Access to Red Carpet Medical membership can therefore be obtained through a ‘Business to Business’ program, either via the membership reward program from a particular business to its members or corporate group providing privileges to its key executives,” Seow explained. (Burhan Abe)

The Jakarta Post, September 16, 2009

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