Tranquil Living at Savyavasa

A Vision of Modern Design and Timeless Comfort Presented by Richardson Sadeki

Savyavasa, a luxury residential development in Dharmawangsa, South Jakarta, is proud to announce its collaboration with the renowned design firm Richardson Sadeki to create the luxurious interior design for the three- and two- bedroom units, as well as the public spaces within Savyavasa.

This creative partnership exemplifies the delivery of upscale and modern living spaces that embody Indonesia’s rich artisan culture whilst providing an oasis of tranquillity amidst Jakarta’s dynamic urban landscape.

Richardson Sadeki, a globally recognized design firm known for its innovative approach to residential projects, has brought its exceptional expertise to Savyavasa, crafting spaces that harmonize functionality, aesthetics and cultural context. With a deep understanding of how architecture can shape a brand’s voice and personality, the interiors of Savyavasa have been meticulously designed to reflect unique blend of Indonesian heritage and contemporary sophistication.

“Our approach to designing Savyavasa involved considering the geographical, cultural and demographic context of the site,” said Richard Sadeki, Co-Founder of Richardson Sadeki. “We wanted to create a language through texture, light, sound, geometry and furniture that not only forms an element of the brand but also resonates with the residents on a personal level.”

For the two-bedroom units, Richardson Sadeki opted for an open-plan design to maximize the uninterrupted view of the lush landscape, facilitated by the column-free northern façade with floor-to-ceiling glass. The palette for these units is darker, catering to the younger demographic expected to reside in these spaces. In contrast, the three-bedroom units feature lighter colours and textures, aimed at sophisticated residents who appreciate western amenities while celebrating Indonesian culture.

The design of the public spaces at Savyavasa was inspired by Indonesian batik prints. Exquisite marble, intricate millwork and handcrafted textiles featuring traditional motifs are seamlessly translated into signature design elements installed throughout the residential area. The spa was inspired by the traditional Turkish Hammam and the gym from movements of the surrounding nature.

The café, as well as the private indoor and outdoor pools are meticulously designed for residents to be able to enjoy the natural ambiance. Meanwhile, the function room was designed to extend the living space of the residents, equipped with a prep kitchen, bar, dining table, multiple sitting areas and opens to a covered outdoor space, making it ideal for hosting private events.

Above its aesthetic appeal, Savyavasa redefines upscale living by seamlessly integrating sustainability, luxury and community. A product of the collaboration between Indonesia’s JSI Group and Hong Kong’s Swire Properties, Savyavasa is the first residential development in Indonesia to achieve the Green Mark Gold certification, setting a new benchmark for environmentally conscious living.

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