Sarirasa Group Prepares for 50th Anniversary Celebration with Dining Experience

Introducing Sarirasa Origin and Sarirasa Tanahmula

Sarirasa Group is thrilled to announce its 50th anniversary celebration with a press conference on 3 July 2024, at Bale Nusa. This event will feature a unique presentation on Sarirasa Group’s journey since 1974, a concept lunch accompanied by the traditional Balinese gamelan music, and a sneak peek of the upcoming Semesta Rasa event.

This press conference marks the beginning of a series of events leading up to the grand celebration on 21 July 2024, at Fountain Plaza Senayan. 

During the press conference, Sarirasa Group will showcase signature dishes that have defined its legacy since its establishment in 1974. These menus are carefully selected to represent Sarirasa Group’s journey towards its golden anniversary. 

Among them are dishes like the iconic Satay, an iconic dish symbolizing the rich flavours of the archipelago, and the special Nasi Berkat Ulang Tahun, a special anniversary dish that will be the highlight of this momentous occasion.

The event aims to introduce Sarirasa Group not only as a culinary brand but also as an entity dedicated to preserving Indonesian culture and the environment. The group will also unveil two new business units, Sarirasa Origin and Sarirasa Tanahmula.

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