Road to Plaza Indonesia Wellness Festival x Dash Sports Forum

Female sports enthusiasts Melanie Putria, Soraya Larasati, and Triyaningsih, a marathon athlete, shared inspiring stories at a talk on women in sports

Actress and model Melanie Putria, Soraya Larasati, and national marathon competitor Triyaningsih joined a gathering of female sports fans at Road to Plaza Indonesia Wellness Festival and Dash Sports Forum’s collaborative event, Talk on Women in Sports

“Today, Dash Sports, a digital platform that connects fans, clubs, communities, and sporting activities, is collaborating with Plaza Indonesia as part of Road to Plaza Indonesia Wellness Festival x Dash Sports Forum,” said Alit Aryaguna, CEO and founder of Dash Sports. This partnership represents the first step toward the spectacular Dash Sports Forum, which is slated to occur in late 2024, commemorating Dash Sports’ incredible voyage into its fourth year. These talented female athletes are being invited to share their motivational tales.

Alit went on to say that Dash Sports intends to host the Dash Sports Forum, a strategic assembly of stakeholders and conversations on the world of Indonesian sports, as part of its attempts to take a more active role in developing the Indonesian sports business. The purpose of this forum is to bring together Indonesian sports personalities and figures to talk about a range of themes and concerns related to the Indonesian sports scene, particularly those related to the sports sector.

The Plaza Indonesia Wellness Festival is a health and fitness event that will take place in Plaza Indonesia from July 22 to July 31, 2024. It will include a number of exciting activities, including fitness classes, health talks, and product demonstrations.

Under the theme “Breaking Barrier: Advancing Women in Indonesian Sports & Lifestyle,” the Road to Plaza Indonesia Wellness Festival x Dash Sports Forum featured a panel discussion on women in sports, including Melanie Putria, a model and actress, Soraya Larasati, an actress, and Triyaningsih, a national athlete and marathon runner. Other speakers included Tabitha Sumendap, the founder of WCC Nusantara, Gita Anindya, and Panji Cakrasantana, General Manager of Brand Marketing at Planet Sports Asia Indonesia.

Melanie Putria and Soraya Larasati told their stories of falling in love with running during the Women in Sports discussion. These two sports enthusiasts were introduced to running by their desire to get back in shape after giving birth, and they fell in love with it right away. Soraya and Melanie even began by competing in international marathon running competitions. Meanwhile, national athlete Triyaningsih was inspired to succeed as a long-distance runner and succeeded in making the country proud. Initially, Triyaningsih only started running to follow in the footsteps of her older brother, who is a runner.

“The initial challenge was being doubted by my own friends that I could finish the marathon, but that’s what motivated me to prove them wrong!” Melanie said. Conversely, Soraya Larasati thinks that the difficulty of working out should have a purpose.

At the same event, Tabitha Sumendap, also lovingly called Tabbie, the founder of the women’s cycling community WCC Nusantara, told the tale of how the group began as a small one and then expanded quickly during the pandemic to include nearly 4,000 members in Indonesia’s major cities. “At first, it was because I enjoy difficulties that I saw women’s empowerment via cycling as my vision for creating this community. It is good to feel helpful to the community; it makes me feel like I’m on the right track. Simply being sincere and putting our hearts and love into it is the key for women leading communities. We form a large family and connect with others around the nation through the community. The key is to be willing to support and control egos. WCC Nusantara now offers sections dedicated to foldable bikes, road bikes, and mountain bikes.”

Gita Anindya, co-founder of the fitness “Just like multitasking to take care of the family, so is handling the gym business, and here is the advantage of being a woman who can handle various aspects of running a sports club; from opening and running classes, administrative management, to cleaning, and so on, and now BodyFit has entered its 8th year.”

As for Planet Sports Asia Indonesia, Panji Cakrasantana, General Manager of Brand Marketing, stated, “Planet Sports Asia, a division of MAP, has been active in seven countries, including the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia. Its business practices preserve the ethos of inclusivity and gender equality, which is evident in each location where gender-neutral visual merchandise is sold. Men and women are viewed as equals as the consumers are split equally between them.

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