Converse Run Star Trainer Grand Launching Splendor

Young actress/singer Aurelie Moeremans joined her media colleagues and KOL at Run Star Trainer Club House to share fun and joy at Converse’s outlet in Grand Indonesia as a part of the Grand Launching celebration of the Converse Run Star Trainer, to celebrate the spirit of independence, the uniqueness of style and the expression of self this summer. Delivering up-to-date creations inspired by the past, yet designed for the modern life – Converse Run Star Trainer offers a new style for those who value versatility, independence, self-expression and unique style as well as comfort.

The Run Star Trainer blends and modernizes Converse DNA components, leveraging Converse’s rich history of sportsmanship, demonstrating an exceptional ability to draw inspiration from history with a familiar style to redesign shoes from scratch.

Grand Launching Run Star Trainer was held with quite a fanfare at Converse’s Grand Indonesia outlet, with an underlying theme of after-court hangout having a sporty clubhouse venue atmosphere, while presenting The Run Star Trainer collection, choreographed so beautifully, creatively, and fascinatingly by young student models from the Student Activity Unit, Club LSPR Modeling from the London School of Public Relations (LSPR). During the Run Star Trainer presentation, the five striking and bold colorways of Run Star Trainer were matched by several Converse T-shirts, jackets, pants, and accessories collections, bringing forth a style that is so fresh, and rich in color, while at the same time also authentic, perfect for the summer.

Renowned youth singer/actress who just released her single in collaboration with Baim, singer Aurelie Moeremans said: “Today my shoes are white Run Star trainers, so, combined with a white Converse T-shirt and jeans, casual and cool right! I really like wearing Run Star Trainer, because to me, other than casual, they can be arranged into a mix n match if you happen to wear a dress, for dinner, yet still looking sporty and comfy.”

Exploration has always been an important component for Converse, enabling continued experimentation in colors, fittings, materials, and proportions. The material combination for the Run Star Trainer – nylon, suede and leather – offers a rich dimension to the upper part, featuring several options in bold colors, including Golden Wren, Blue, Red, Egret, and Black. Journalists and influencers took advantage of the special occasion to try-on while, of course, concluding the festivities with selfies against a yellow locker and a wall of fame.

Run Star Trainer’s new silhouette creations echo the spirit to highlight independence and self-expression in dealing with mundane trends and habits. Run Star Trainer is well-chosen as the way to express yourself authentically, excluding of those who can only follow the mainstream. Such a message highlights the importance of walking your path instead of going with the flow, offering the Run Star Trainer as a suitable option for summer with bright colors and diverse styles.

Converse Run Star Trainer is available at and all Converse outlets as of June 2024.

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