TS Suites Seminyak, Bali’s Leading Designers’ Hub, Presented The 3rd Annual Bali Fashion Parade

The ultimate fusion of fashion, music, and urban lifestyle, TS Suites Seminyak is the ideal venue for the acclaimed event

TS Suites Seminyak, a distinguished urban resort under the esteemed property developers Townsquare Group, welcomed the return of the Bali Fashion Parade for its third spectacular year on June 8, 2024. This illustrious event reaffirmed TS Suites Seminyak’s prestigious position as a vibrant hub for designers and the island’s epicenter of contemporary urban lifestyle. 

The Bali Fashion Parade has quickly become a cornerstone event of Indonesia’s fashion sector, drawing the attention of fashion connoisseurs, industry insiders and trendsetters alike. Each year, it showcases an impressive array of talent, innovation and creativity, solidifying TS Suites Seminyak’s reputation as a premier destination for high fashion and sophisticated living.

With its sleek, contemporary design, TS Suites Seminyak seamlessly merges the dynamic realms of fashion, beauty, music and wellness. Offering luxurious facilities such as TStore with over 200 designers’ fashion items, L’atelier – perfume workshop & creations, the eminent Christophe C. Salon, Cigar Lounge, Skyward 50-metre Infinity Pool & Pool Bar and renowned Teta Aesthetic Clinic, the hotel caters to the refined tastes of discerning urbanites, establishing TS Suites as the quintessential venue for the Bali Fashion Parade.

“TS Suites is the perfect canvas for fashion milestones such as the Bali Fashion Parade,” said Randolph Bubu, owner of TS Suites. “Our urban lifestyle concept, complemented by world class facilities, provides an ideal platform for designers and fashion aficionados alike. This is evident in the ten fashion-forward events we have proudly hosted over the years, ranging from domestic showcases to international galas.”

On June 8, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, inaugurated the Bali Fashion Parade 2024. “I extend my congratulations and declare the Bali Fashion Parade 2024 officially open. Let us celebrate and endorse locally made products as a source of pride for Indonesia,” remarked the Minister. 

He also expressed hope that the event would foster the emergence of new creative talent in the fashion industry and contribute to Bali’s reputation as a vibrant tourist destination. 

The third edition of the Bali Fashion Parade showcased an unparalleled display of creativity and style, with 35 distinguished designers and brands presenting 300 unique creations and 150 stunning models — all under one roof. 

Attendees marveled at the lineup of renowned brands such as TStore and celebrated designers including Ivan Gunawan, Hengki Kawilarang, Zuebarqa by Benz, A D I T H, Basundhari Hardy, and Gingersnap Bali This extraordinary lineup showcased an unparalleled spectacle of creativity and style, drawing fashion enthusiasts from across Indonesia and beyond.

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