Addie MS and Twilite Orchestra Promise Surprises in Video Game Concert Festival Edition

Respons to Huge Fan and Community Enthusiasm, PRE-SALE Tickets for Video Game Concert Festival Edition Sell Out, Second PRE-SALE Phase Opens

Addie MS and Twilite Orchestra have promised a series of surprises in the upcoming Video Game Concert Festival Edition, scheduled for July 27, 2024, at Istora Senayan.

“The huge success of the video game concert, witnessed by over 1,000 fans and members of various video game communities and symphonic music enthusiasts, has not yet fully satisfied the longing of all fans and enthusiasts. To meet the demand of those who have not had the opportunity to attend this concert, through a unique collaboration between TipTip, East Ventures, Addie MS, and Twilite Orchestra, we are preparing to hold the concert again. This time, with its original format like in 2006, it will be a Festival Edition on July 27 at Istora Senayan Jakarta. With this format, the audience will have a different experience, listening to orchestral music while standing, swaying, or even jumping to the rhythm in the festival area like a pop and rock concert, even for cosplayers. There will be several surprises at the concert,” said Addie MS.
Addie MS further explained that in consistency with their mission to popularize symphonic music, they are happy to learn and listen from young people, fans, and community members to understand and expand the scope of music games they believe are attractive to enjoy.

As the leader of Twilite Orchestra for 33 years, Addie MS has become the oldest orchestra group in Indonesia, forming a mature and wise attitude. At the Media Briefing Road to Video Game Concert Festival Edition, composer and conductor Addie MS emphasized the importance of continuous learning throughout one’s life, even learning from those younger to have a broad perspective and great inspiration. This attitude has led him to a moment of collaboration to revive the Video Game Concert, 18 years after its first performance in 2006.

Meanwhile, pianist Kevin Aprilio said, “I am very happy to perform again, and I am very happy to collaborate with Papa, who is always willing to listen to many inputs, especially from young members of various game communities, all done to present beautiful and classy symphonic music that plays popular video game songs. The songs presented in this concert are the most popular, so many audiences will feel related and happy to watch and enjoy it. I will present something special next time!”

This symphonic music performance inspired by popular video games is a unique collaboration between TipTip, a comprehensive entertainment platform with various features facilitating various events and activities, and East Ventures, a prominent venture capital investment company and pioneer of technology startup investments in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, as well as Addie MS and Twilite Orchestra.

“The enthusiasm is huge, PRE-SALE tickets for the Video Game Concert Festival Edition have sold out, so we will hold a second PRE-SALE phase through this link starting June 14, 2024. On July 27, Twilite Orchestra will perform with 70 musicians, 250 choir members consisting of Twilite Chorus, Perbanas Institute Choir, Gita Swara Jaya UNIKA Atma Jaya Choir, UHAMKA Choir, PSM Universitas Mercu Buana, and PSM UIN Syarif Hidayatullah, promising many surprises. Don’t miss out on the tickets again,” concluded Addie MS with enthusiasm.

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