Plastic Surgery? Is it the Beauty Solutions?

Try to fulfill these 5 points before undergoing plastic surgery; Look for an experienced clinic with qualified doctors, review the clinic’s portfolio, gallery, and social media accounts, look for reviews and testimonials from the clinic, and discuss with friends who have done it, and most importantly, consult with reputable aesthetic practitioners. Here, the role of aesthetic “eyes” as well as the knowledge and experience of the doctor in aesthetics. 

“Successful therapy or treatment as a doctor is being a good listener, which is already 60% of the diagnosis to accurately determine the problem and provide the most effective solution. NMW Clinic carries the spirit of Authentic, Approved, and Authorized. For us, patient safety and the final result are paramount,” said Dr. Nat continuing his explanation.

Meanwhile, TV presenter, public speaker, and plastic surgery patient at NMW Clinic, Theodorus Daniel said, “I just had Rhinoplasty (nose surgery). The downtime or recovery period that I have felt so far is very comfortable, there are no disturbing things, plus the observation of plastic surgeons who perform the procedure on me online, making it easier for patients who are outside the city to consult about post-treatment.” 

“Safety, security, and patient comfort are so important. This may not be possessed by all beauty clinics. We do have to be smart and wise in finding and choosing them.”

“Responding to the phenomenon of people seeking medical treatment abroad, ensuring the presence of quality, professional, and safe aesthetic and plastic surgery services is NMW Clinic’s strong effort and commitment to foster trust and real evidence of excellent service to the community while “saving” the loss of foreign exchange,” concluded Dr. Nat enthusiastically.

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