Food Promotions: Soto Sulung, Golden Ginger Tea and Summer Fun at Aston Sentul 

Aston Sentul Lake Resort & Conference Center, a hotel under Archipelago Group, with a modern style brand & one of the leading resorts, located only 15 minutes from Bogor and 50 minutes from Jakarta and designed for business people and families on weekends, are offering a promo menu for soto sulung, golden ginger tea, and summer fun.

The trend for East Javanese dishes has now spread to Aston Sentul Lake Resort & Conference Center, which presents authentic soto sulung menu dishes on one of their monthly promo menus.

‘Soto sulung is characterized by a thick yellow sauce filled with meat, lung, and tripe, which tastes fresh and rich in spices. Paired with ingredients typical of Indonesian cuisine, such as lime juice, soy sauce, boiled chicken eggs, and crackers, the specialty of soto sulung can be consumed anytime, morning, afternoon, or evening. It is an excellent dish to warm the body in cold weather, and always tastes delicious,” said, Chef Agung Palupi.

Guests can also enjoy the freshness of the golden ginger tea drink, a mixture of chamomile tea, ginger, and lemongrass. It has many health benefits and boosts relaxation. Meanwhile, the Summer Fun beverage includes a mixed juice drink of tropical fruit, making it suitable for drinking during the day.

These promotions are available daily until the end of July 2023, served a la carte for a great price of IDR 75,000++ for soto sulung, golden ginger tea for IDR 50,000++ and for summer fun only IDR 55,000++. Available at Barata Coffee Shop, located on the third floor, it’s a family concept we encourage everyone to experience.

For more information, visit or follow @astonsentul 

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