Celebrate Sixth Anniversary, Aviary Bintaro Prepares Variety of Interesting Events

In order to welcome its Sixth Anniversary, Aviary Bintaro presents a series of exciting events for guests that we have prepared throughout the month of May.

The first activity started with a Blood Donation which was the opening series of various activities this May. In collaboration with the South Tangerang Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), Aviary Bintaro carries out a Blood Donation which is part of the Community Social Activities which are carried out once every three months. Attended by the 10th Air Defense Artillery – Bintaro, South Tangerang as well as guests, employees and companies in our hotel area so that it reached sixty blood bags.

In addition, to complete the happiness of welcoming Aviary Bintaro’s Sixth Birthday, we have prepared various surprises, starting from offering room packages with a 10% discount through the official website at aviaryhotel.com and gets chocolate cakes shaped like birds for every guests check-in and check-out for free.

Blood Donation Held Every Three Months

To spark the spirit of our Anniversay, we also introduce a biodiversity through colorful patterns in various types of casual clothing and accessories that are suitable for your and your family’s collection. Aviartsy is a Mode or Fashion from Aviary Bintaro which will feature different collections of clothing and accessories each season.

Get a 15% discount on every Aviartsy purchase during May and/or while supplies last. This opportunity applies to all in-house guests who get a discounted voucher upon check-in during the month of happiness to celebrate our 6th year of happiness.

Complementing a variety of interesting activities, we present outdoor activities via Fly Free Day on Sunday, 21 May 2023 from 6-9 AM. Fly Free Day is part of the Bintaro Jaya Car Free Day which is held every month on the third of Sunday. Also invited the animal community from Tangerang Sugar Glider Lovers (KPSGI) and Rabbits from PetsKarta.

The community will carry out various approaches and learn about these animals. We also prepare joint aerobic activities on the main road for the public free of charge. We also offer you all-you-can-eat breakfast promotion with a wide selection of various food and beverage menus for only IDR 100,000++ per person.

Fly Free Day – Every 3rd Week of the Month

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