Exquisite Iftar Delights at The St. Regis Jakarta

A Journey of Flavours in Celebration of the Month of Ramadan

Celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, The St. Regis Jakarta presents a special Ramadan offering and experience. A breakfast feast at Bel Étage is curated for guests to enjoy an appetizing dining experience in the spirit of Ramadan. From traditional Indonesian ta’jil to local Indonesian, Western and Middle Eastern delicacies, iftar moments at Bel Étage are a culinary journey in itself.

The iftar menu consists of local cuisin es such as Tongseng Tengkleng, Tender Short Ribs Rendang, Lawar – a Balinese specialty made with vegetable coconut and Bumbu Bali, Soto Betawi served with slow simmered beef-coconut broth, tripe and emping crackers, as well as the famous Bel Étage homemade sambal.

Elevating the iftar cuisine, Bel Étage serves a variety of Arabic inspired dishes, from Whole Lamb Ouzi served with oriental rice, dried fruits and cashew nuts, Rice Chicken Biryani with mirchi ka salan and raita, Moroccan Tangine with chicken, ginger, cumin, turmeric, cinnamon and saffron, to Chicken Shish TawookArabic Mix Kebab with rice vermicelli and Shawarma served with chicken and meat, arabic bread and cumin yogurt dressings.

Continuing the night, guests are invited to an Arabian Night at The Cove to enjoy shisha and free-flow Arabic coffee and tea, accompanied by slow Arabian music.

From 6th to 16th April 2023, The St. Regis Jakarta collaborates with one of the respected Bali- based restaurants, Nusantara by Locavore, in featuring an array of Nusantara delicacies such as Bebek Tanah, Sate Plecing served with free range chicken marinated with shallots, palm sugar and kaffir lime juice with spicy tomato and chili sauce, Cakalang Asap and Kalio Sapi served with beef leg braised for hours in kalio spice paste and fresh coconut milk.

Complementing the Ramadan offers, The St. Regis Jakarta has collaborated with the legendary Batik designer, Iwan Tirta in presenting the exclusively designed hampers, adorned with Batik shawl, which consist of signature delectable Ramadan cookies as the perfect gifts to share with loved ones.

Inspired by the exclusive cushion collection designed for the hotel, the Batik pattern of Kembang Anyar symbolizes the beauty of life and commonly found in European, Japanese and Chinese-influenced Batik, developed in the North Coast of Java. Elegant and sophisticated, the shawl is wearable as a headpiece or belt, accentuating the personal style of the wearer.

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