AI – The Future for Indonesian e-Commerce

Botify, the global leader in organic search innovation, will showcase the business growth opportunities AI offers to eCommerce and retail businesses, at the Indonesia Retail & eCommerce Summit 2023, 15th March.

Botify, the enterprise software company trusted by more than 500 of the world’s most visible brands including Bukalapak, BliBli and Carousell, will be showcasing how its AI’s-empowered solutions are revolutionising e-commerce, enabling businesses and brands to optimise their organic search to maximise business growth opportunities.

Recent developments in AI-based technology  have become a big talking point across Global Media and ecommerce groups. The major search players incorporating these models into search engines, have encouraged widespread speculation about what the future holds for search.

This has huge implications for e-commerce brands seeking profitable and sustainable traffic to their websites and needing new ways to keep pace with consumer demand by embracing AI.

Jason Vicinanza, Global VP of Solutions, at Botify will share his insights and Botify’s latest AI innovations at the Indonesia Retail & eCommerce Summit 2023 on March 15 during the Panel Discussion: The New Age of Consumer Convenience, and is offering an exclusive interview with selected Indonesia Media on March 16.

Jason has advised some of the largest enterprises and growing brands on how to use data analytics and emerging technologies to gain a competitive market advantage. He will showcase how Botify’s AI-empowered solutions help brands and consumers to find each other, at scale, in more sustainable and efficient ways, at a time when the paid channel (PPC) route continues to increase in cost whilst delivering diminishing click-thru rates and revenue.

Grounded in restoring direct, authentic connections between brands and consumers, Botify offers AI-empowered findability for brands, identifying what content needs to be served to search engines, and empowering teams to ensure it is, and rapidly, to keep pace with demand. Our latest innovations in AI are designed to help e-commerce brands keep pace with change as well as consumer demand through search.

About Botify

Botify, a global enterprise software company, emerged in the APAC region towards the end of 2021. Focused on enabling the most ambitious brands to leverage organic search as a high-impact, performance marketing channel, Botify has a successful track record for optimising the websites of some of the world’s largest brands as well as regional brands such as Zalora, Sephora, Bukalapak, Blibli, Carousell, Conde Nast, Loreal, Github, Expedia, Under Armour and Furla Japan.

Powered by AI and a proprietary unified data model, Botify’s platform ensures web and mobile sites are optimized for search – increasing the number of pages seen, indexed and ranked by search engines – the foundation of being found by consumers in today’s dynamic digital environment.

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