Subway® Brings Back “It’s Time to Meat Up” to Start the Year 2023

With a new year’s spirit, Subway opens two new restaurants in Harapan Indah dan Senayan City

With the spirit of the New Year still strong, Subway has returned the It’s Time to Meat Up campaign, which this time offers two new menus, Beef Mala Szechuan and Roast Beef Black Pepper. Starting today until mid of March 2023, these two menus will be available throughout all Subway restaurants.

Refreshing the menu will keep the restaurant interesting, attract new guests, and spark new interest and this is what Subway does—it continually innovates and offers fresh menu options. 

“Something new and innovative must be introduced at the beginning of the year. Subway offers Beef Mala Szechuan and Roast Beef Black Pepper as part of the It’s Time to Meat Up campaign and to celebrate the Chinese New Year this year. We constantly explore new menu choices that have never been offered by Subway Indonesia before and it is increasingly popular amongst Indonesian,” said Silvia Muryadi, Head of Marketing Subway.

Beef Mala Szechuan

Given that Indonesia is known for full of spice cuisine, Subway offers Beef Mala Szechuan, a dish that is similarly spiced but with an oriental flavor. All the guests will be hooked on the tender beef brisket served with the savory and spicy mala sauce. The flavor of mala that stands out the most is a delicious mixture of chili and Sichuan peppercorn that gives a savory and spicy with a distinctive Szechuan aroma. Additionally, it goes well with a variety of other components, including meat and vegetables.

Roast Beef Black Pepper

One of the most popular menu items is roast beef and Subway brings back the Hong Kong-style Black Pepper Sauce to it as an addition in this campaign. This menu is returned because of the high demand from the guests, allowing them to once more enjoy their favorite Roast Beef Black Pepper. The black pepper is a perfect combination with red meat, as it has an earthy, spicy, and tangy flavor.

Subway Expansion in 2023

By the end of December 2022, Subway had opened 53 stores in Greater Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bandung since its debut in October 2021. Expansion will continue to be Subway’s main focus in 2023.

“One of the keys of Subway’s success is its ability to offer a menu that is delicious, nutritious, and well-liked by the guests. And we sincerely hope that more Indonesians can benefit from Subway’s excellences. As a result, in 2023, expansion will continue and escalate in the second year in order to serve more guests. Opening doors in new cities will be the primary goal, although Jabodetabek will still remain a priority.

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