Converse Introduces the All Stars Community

In Support of Creative Youths Ready to Embark on an Exciting Creative Adventure throughout 2023 

Jump-starting the year 2023, Converse initiates the latest class of its All Stasr Community where the members are emerging creatives within the sports, arts, fashion and culture scenes shaping the future with their work that breaks the traditional limits break barriers. Converse Indonesia takes the All Stars team into a creative and adventurous journey which will be exciting, cool and inspirational throughout the year 2023.

Converse launched the Converse All Stars in 2017 to support emerging creative youth, the majority of which come from less represented groups. Converse pushes even further by taking the role of funder and consultancy to strengthen the portfolios of its members as well as to connect and push forward their careers. The All Stars Community consisting of members from the age of 18-24 from all over the world is a part of a global network connecting one another and the Converse brand via digital and physical experiences. 

By funding the community’s projects and providing support in the form of consultation, Converse tries to break obstacles by creating more accessible opportunities in the creative field while at the same time expedite the positive impacts at individual level for the members.

Through its actions and activities, the All Stars community does not only serve as the true validator of the brand and products, but also gives Converse the opportunity to deliver various authentic narrations so the customers could develop a strong connection with Converse.

The reason behind the initiative? Converse upholds a sharp idea that hundreds of small deeds could bring about one great progress. That is why we take the grass-root approach for Create Next within community. Converse and All Stars’ relationship is symbiotic in nature–Converse enhances All Stars’ individual creative actions as well as keeping the brand well connected with the next generation of creators. 

In 2023, Converse Indonesia will bring about the journey for the All Stars Community focusing on the effort to boost each member’s creative skill. The journey will include numerous activities both online and offline. The theme will observe after the current trends while trying to keep up with the change so that everyone will remain engaged. 

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