InsightAsia Survey: Users Have Started Using E-Wallet to Manage Their Financial

GoPay Becomes the Digital Wallet with the Largest Market and Strongest Consumer Loyalty

In light of the National Fintech Day, marketing research company, InsightAsia, revealed its findings entitled “Consistency That Leads: 2023 E-Wallet Industry Outlook” presenting a complete picture of the leadership landscape in Indonesian electronic wallet industry.

The research indicates how digital wallet has become the most preferred payment method for the Indonesian digital society, compared to cash or bank transfer. 74% of respondents actively use digital wallet for various financial transactions. 

The use of digital wallet supersedes other payment methods such as cast (49%), bank transfer (24%), QRIS (21%), Paylater (18%), debit card (17%) and VA transfer (16%).

The research also indicates GoPay as a digital payment platform which had been used consistently by its users for the last 5 years. Most digital wallet users have used GoPay (71%) and continued to use it ever since (58%). OVO resides as the runner up on the second position with 70% respondents have had used it and 53%  within the last 3 months.

Dana is occupying the last position in this top three list, with 61% respondents have had used it but not included in the top three for those used within the last 3 months. ShopeePay, on the other hand, have been used by 51% respondents within the last 3 months but didn’t make it to the top three category.

Research Director of InsightAsia, Olivia Samosir stated, “There are five major factors enabling digital wallet brands to be able to lead the market, namely secured and guaranteed, easy and convenient to use in transactions, free of monthly limit and can be maximally used as payments for daily needs. Meeting the above needs is what make a brand able to gain high confidence from its users”. 

This can not be done only in a short period to win the public’s choice. It must be supported by a consistent work performance, continuously. The consistency in delivering or fulfilling the requirements needed will eventually form an excellent Consumer Experience resulting in brand-loyal customers.

As we can see, GoPay has high scores in all five factors above. Furthermore, according to GoPay users, 84% state that they have a pleasant experience using the platform, meaning that the delivery or the fulfillment of such need has been carried out consistently, continuously. So it is no wonder that user level of satisfaction and loyalty towards GoPay exceeds all other competitors.” 

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