Create Now. Create Next.

Converse Taps More Than 20 Creatives from Around the World in Unique New Film Series Challenging Convention and Providing A Platform for Discovery

Tyler, The Creator Executive Produces Music for New Campaign, Featuring Vince Staples, Honey Dijon, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Turnstile, A1 x J1, and More 

Converse has been adopted by musicians, artists, athletes, dreamers, and thinkers for over a century, with distinct connections around the globe and across cultures. The brand continues its legacy of championing self-expression by bringing together established and emerging creatives from over 18 cities around the world in a new multi-platform brand campaign – “Create Now. Create Next.” 

The first-of-its-kind campaign presents more than 20 different creatives as they share their artistic vision through a series of 20 individual, 6-second films. Featuring the talents of Vince Staples, Honey Dijon, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Turnstile, and A1 x J1 among others, each is then seamlessly brought together in a longer form brand anthem showcasing the power of the collective. 

The campaign aims to redefine the act of co-creation as well as serve as a platform for discovery. Many of the creatives contributed to both the unique look and accompanying music of their film while being challenged to tell their stories and express their passions in 6 seconds. Those elements were then interwoven, enabling audiences to celebrate creatives they already know and love alongside discovering new emerging talents. 

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