Regent Phu Quoc Debuts Oku, A Japanese-French Restaurant

Oku is the purest expression of Regent Phu Quoc’s Taste Gallery – an enchanting contemporary Japanese-French restaurant showcasing the finest techniques and ingredients of both worlds. The concept is an innovative addition to Vietnam’s culinary scene, with both Salon de Boeuf and an Omakase Atelier meticulous attention to detail, from food to interior.

The menu at Oku focuses on creating dishes that are both thoughtfully and deliciously prepared while remaining gastronomically refined. A modern twist on the classic brasserie, Oku’s menu is rooted in the French tradition of combining the perfect blend of fresh ingredients with timeless execution. Oku’s interior design, by Blink Design Group, is a tribute to this tradition in its use of classic elements such as: globe lights, patterned floors, cozy banquettes, and modern ironmongery details.

A Japanese-French Restaurant 

It also unites Eastern and Western design by taking Japanese ornamentation and merging it with modern design principles. From Japanese woodworking details, displaying a high level of precision and perfection, just as an omakase chef takes special attention to select ingredients to create a meal as an artistic expression, so does the meticulous woodworker who prepares carefully selected slabs of wood and cuts them so perfectly that the joinery itself becomes a work of art. Architecture, wall murals, textiles and lacquer work are inspired by traditional Japanese details and reinvented to reveal a new design aesthetic. 

The seasonal menu at Oku is designed by emerging Chef Andy Huynh and embraces a wide selection of traditional dishes served with an unconventional twist.

Bruno Anon, Executive Chef at Regent Phu Quoc, said: “The launch of Oku is a much awaited addition to the increasingly elevating lifestyle experiences available in Vietnam. Oku offers guests an effortlessly elegant dining experience encapsulating a tale of travel, taking guests on a culinary journey through the best of contemporary French and Japanese cuisine. We look forward welcoming guests to experience it first-hand.” 

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