Maroma, A Belmond Hotel, Riviera Maya to Reopen in May 2023 

On 25 May 2023, the Riviera Maya will welcome the much-anticipated return of Maroma, A Belmond Hotel, the storied hideaway in the beating heart of the Riviera Maya. Nestled between 200 acres of lush tropical jungle and the secluded white sands of Mexico’s Caribbean coast, the legendary property has been completely reimagined with Mayan culture at its core – and will be the first, extensive transformation within Belmond’s North America portfolio, under LVMH ownership.

This new chapter of Maroma will reveal 10 new waterfront suites, a nature- focussed wellness experience in partnership with Guerlain, ground-breaking sustainability initiatives and a new gastronomic era under Mexican-born Executive Chef Daniel Camacho. 

A Mayan Legend, Reborn 

Internationally renowned designer, Tara Bernerd, is at the helm of the comprehensive restoration, working hand- in- hand with local artisans to honour Mexican heritage. Blending contemporary craft with the careful sourcing of indigenous materials, the team will create timeless spaces that are authentic to their roots and channel the healing energy of the locale. The original design and architecture of the property have been preserved, including the white stucco buildings, aligned to the Sacred Geometry of Mayan masonry. Curved lines and organic forms inspired by the property’s wild surrounds inform the harmonious indoor-outdoor flow of rooms, suites and villas.

An unrivalled beach resort, each of the 72 accommodations are spread across Maroma’s private stretch of sand – of which three quarters now have ocean views, including a spacious new waterfront suite complete with private pool and garden. The property’s three pools have been completely redesigned, featuring Sukabumi tiles hand-made from volcanic stone, in the same vibrant turquoise tones as the region’s many natural cenotes. 

“Maroma offered a rare opportunity to reimagine this iconic hotel, with its rich and storied history. We sought to retain and enhance the original character, working with local artisans, whilst simultaneously incorporating a contemporary elegance, a warmth that also has a sense of home, that speaks to the needs of the Belmond guest for generations to come.” says Bernerd. Maroma will showcase an extraordinary collection of pan-Mexican art and design: eighty percent of furnishings and objects will be made by Mexican craftspeople, from a hand-blown glass chandelier, painted claypots, to traditional ‘Saltillo’ floor tiles, meticulously curated for guest rooms. 

A Wellness Destination with International Acclaim 

Founded on the principles of nature and vitality, wellness at Maroma will take on a new dimension with the launch of the first Guerlain Spa in Latin America. Guests will feel the vital flow of healing energies from the jungle oasis and wide open sea in the newly renovated biophilic space. A temple for rejuvenation and a place of deep spirituality, treatment rooms will look out onto the jungle, whilst local design elements will be incorporated throughout geometric shapes and artisanal objects.

Healing rituals are born from the power of nature, ancient practices and that of the sacred Melipona bee, revered by the Mayans for over 3,000 years as a symbol of spiritual resonance. Centred around balance and harmony, Guerlain creates a unique spa menu with its iconic face and body treatments and exclusive experiences designed around the Mayan wellness philosophy, sound and healing rituals. A true holistic wellness retreat, including a selection of daily workshops in meditation, movement and yoga to resynchronise body, mind and spirit. 

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