Luxury Meets Sustainability at Gran Meliá Lombok, As Invest Islands Drives Indonesia’s Green Economy

Breath-taking new development weaves seamlessly into the landscape on Lombok’s stunning south coast, with innovative design solutions, renewable energy, community projects and more

As communities around the world struggle against a rising tide of climate change and environmental degradation, achieving a “green economy” has never been more important – especially in emerging island destinations. The concept is simple: to create a development model that is environmentally friendly and drives benefits back into the community. On the Indonesian island of Lombok, one forward-thinking company has woven this sustainable approach into every aspect of its operations.

Invest Islands, Lombok’s leading real estate investment company, is fully committed to the green economy. Not only does it create breath-taking resort and residential projects that reflect the cultural heritage of the island; it does so in a manner that is both harmonious with nature and enhances the quality of life for local people.

One prime example of Invest Islands’ strategy in action is Gran Meliá Lombok, one of Southeast Asia’s most spectacular and eco-sensitive resort projects, which is currently taking shape on the island’s south coast. This five-star resort is a masterpiece of high-style, low-impact design that blends seamlessly with its tropical surroundings at Torok Bay, overlooking the Indian Ocean and framed by emerald headlands and rippling rice fields. Sixty-eight percent of the 16-hectare hillside and beachfront site is being retained as green space, and no aspect of the construction will rise above the tree line.

Gran Meliá Lombok is set on a 16-hectare hillside & beachfront site at Torok Bay, overlooking the Indian Ocean

Sustainability is integrated into all parts of the property, from the use of organic, locally-sourced materials in its luxurious suites and villas to energy-saving fixtures and fittings throughout the public areas and back-of-house spaces. A rainwater catchment and greywater system will provide natural year-round irrigation, and solar water heaters ensure a constant supply of hot water. Renewable energy, including solar panelling, will power the entire property.

Single-use plastic is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today, and while many hospitality companies have made zero-plastic pledges, Invest Islands is taking this a step further by putting plastic waste to practical use. Having cleared trash from Lombok’s pristine beaches, Invest Islands upcycles it to create innovative “eco-bricks”, which are produced by local people and purchased by the company for use in its properties. Solid, water-resistant and lightweight, these innovative bricks are the ultimate eco-friendly building material, while also generating revenue for villagers.

A dedicated charitable arm, the Invest Islands Foundation, has been established to drive educational and employment opportunities for indigenous people and ensure that the benefits of their projects are spread far and wide. This long-term social commitment provides medical care and education to disadvantaged families, including the construction of new schools.

“I think a real estate company and a charity are able to go hand-in-hand,” explained Kevin Deisser, CEO & co-founder of Invest Islands. “By its very definition, a property investment business must bring large amounts of capital into the region. When properly spent, this capital should not only benefit investors, but all stakeholders – particularly those within the local communities who live around our projects.”

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