Experience A New Level of Luxury at SIWA Cliffs Lombok

A Sophisticated Space to Drink and Dine

With its crystalline waters and white sand beaches, it’s not hard to see why Lombok is a must-visit destination. But ways to indulge in a touch of luxury while spending time on the island have been scarce – until now with the arrival of SIWA Clubhouse, a two-story pool club perched on the highest peak of South Lombok, with unrivalled views of the picturesque coastline below.

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (as well as drinks), seven days a week, SIWA is an ode to the finer things in life. A representative explains: “Siwak in the local Sasak dialogue is the number 9 and we liked the idea of being up on cloud 9. It also has several other meanings in the archipelago and it seemed to fit.”

SIWA is an ode to the finer things in life

The food and drink offered to match this celebration of luxury. SIWA continues; “Lombok has not been on the radar for many as a sophisticated culinary destination unlike our neighbour, Bali. We have been told that SIWA has changed this perception. With the creation of SIWA Cliffs, our kitchen team has been able to put together a fresh offering in a location that offers incredible produce in abundance – both from the land and sea. The result was that our menus truly embrace the vast diversity that Lombok offers.”

Lombok is a must-visit destination

The F&B team is led by Scotland’s Steven Todd as SIWA’s Director of Culinary, who is supported by Chef Alit Wilantara. The duo has curated SIWA’s menu, which is focused around the fire, with fare influenced by global flavors, from the likes of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Fresh produce is paramount to the dishes, with ingredients sourced from local farmers in both Lombok and neighbouring Bali, from fish to fruit.

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